First Bangkok trip with ex-girlfriend #4 第一次跟旧情人去曼谷

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In the morning 早上

This is going to be the last post for my Thai semi business trip. Previously, we're on the 2nd day and I'm going to combined both 3rd and final day together as there's nothing much happening.

The fried chicken drummet is very salty and yummy! I tried that the day before and decided to revisit! I like bacon so there's no doubt I will whack a lot. Other than that, on the right are pork sausages. I tried the chicken sausages the day before and I don't really wanna eat it anymore, so I go straight for the pork. Some baked beans and a slice of cheese.

I decided I want double portion of omelette. one with cheese only, the other mixed vege with ham & cheese.

Dried manggo and dried kiwi in the sourish plain yogurt. I like this combination very much.

And this is my wholesome hotel breakfast.

Afternoon 中午

As I find it too boring to go to town before the malls open up, so I decided to stay back in the hotel, so I can slowly enjoy my coffee, take another round of my favorite bacon. I was going to go to the gym that morning, but as soon as I got back to the hotel room, I was glued infront of TV and watched Fox Crime instead. By the time I check my time, it was 11am already. Quickly I took a shower and start kicking away heading to Centara World to meet my ex-girlfriend LazyMom aka @francesaw <== @linnyplant you were saying wanna meet my ex-girlfriend by WALKING. According to Google Maps, that's only 2.5km, so I though no harm and walked my ass off to Centara. Guess what, I arrived in 28 minutes, even beat the estimated time of arrival from Google!


Peanut butter toast. Was it any good? I'd say, these stuff are good because all the sinful sweetness are all in one piece! Ferrero Roche on peanut butter spread, added with extra macadamia, topped with two scopes of vanilla ice cream and a portion of fresh cream, and finally a light coat of chocolate syrup. Looking at what is on the plate is more than enough to detail your vision from hot chicks to starring at this pod of potential body fat.
香港多士我们吃得多了,可是泰国的就不是经常有机会啦。这个是花生酱和巧克力多士。加上了高级Ferrero Roche巧克力,浇上了花生酱和坚果,再配上两粒香草雪糕和一粒忌廉。最后淋上了巧克力酱。但看材料都不必试味道了。眼睛传给大脑的信息都玩去了,嘴巴尝到的也有可能被蒙骗了。

I can't remember what is this, but the rice beads are awesomely matching with the fresh cream. The four of us share these dishes as our lunch since the breakfast still halfway down our throat, we can hardly capable to put in a lunch that afternoon.

We called a grab, came a BMW, but the driver went the wrong way and cause us go touring around the Centara Grand vicinity. Worst is, the driver actually having another person in the car, and we're too tired to argue with the driver. Besides, it's a BMW. Might as well just stuff everyone in to the car and start our journey back to the hotel. 我们叫来滴滴,没想到来了一家宝马。可是开宝马的大姐好像不懂得路,结果搞到我们一群乘客围绕着Centara跑了一圈才找到她停车的位置。最搞笑是,大姐还载着她老公。本来想给她理论,可是想到都吃饱了准备回去休息了,所以也没有追究下去。大家挤一下很快就到酒店了。

Evening 傍晚

The entire afternoon was walking around the Sukhumvit Soi 11 area checking out stuff. Drinking coconut juice. Checking out stores, 7-11 hopping. Buying souvenir and more walking. Since ex-girlfriend's girlfriends went for massage, hence off we went our own journey, Google be our tour guide. It led us to one of the nearby hawker stall, sitting at the back alley and eat real cowboy food. 基本上,同一天中午过后回到酒店,等旧情人换了便服就出去走。一直东撞西跌的到处跑。喝喝椰子汁,看看传统商店,还一直不停泡711便利店。话说这里应该是全世界最多7仔的国家。几乎没几步就会遇到一家便利店。我们买了一些手信,然后就回去了。由于旧情人的女朋友们都去了按摩所以我们俩只好自己去找晚餐了。由主持人谷歌先生带我们去吃真正的街边熟食。真的是坐在别人后港吃饭。

ex-Girlfriend ordered this Chinese sausage and roast pork rice. Little do we know this came with salted egg! The Chinese sausage taste brilliant! Somewhat reminds me of the 80s, where my mother likes to put these Chinese sausage into the rice cooker and cook together with the rice. The roast pork were ok for me, but ex-girlfriend love it, especially with the sauce. The salted egg were amazing too. This is unlike our usual salted egg that is heavily fermented. This feels like fresh egg texture, but with the salted egg kind of sensation. 旧情人点了这个腊肠烧肉饭。没先到的是还有咸蛋一起来,出乎预料的棒!腊肠的风味很好,感觉让我想起80年代时妈妈很喜欢把腊肠丢进饭锅里和饭一起煲。烧肉对我来说还好,不过旧情人就赞不绝口。有时候口味这事很难说。他说特别是那些酱汁非常好吃。我觉得比较特别的是那半颗咸蛋,质地完全不像咸蛋,就好像一粒普通的鸡蛋。吃进嘴里感觉还是软的。但是就是有咸蛋味。真奇怪吖。

I am a little overwhelmed with whatever food I had been putting in my mouth the whole day, including pumping junk food into myself during 7-11 convenient store hopping, so I had this BBQ pork slices soak in the dumplings. For the price I pay, it's more or less like what it cost in Kuala Lumpur, but the serving size is way better than what I can get in my home country. Anyway, the night ended with another round of McDonald's visit, for the ice cream as the weather in Bangkok is seriously warm during my stay. 吃了一整天,我的食欲都被撸光了。再加上下午的时候一直泡7仔时不知吃了多少垃圾食品。所以决定来一些清淡一点的晚餐吧。结果点了云吞+叉烧。说句公道话,价钱绝对不必吉隆坡便宜,但是份量就真的给得很足。吃饱后,我们并没有直接回酒店,然后就绕道走过去麦当劳了,再一次吃雪糕。泰国曼谷真的太热了。

The last day 最后一天

Since the flight is scheduled in the afternoon, we decided to checkout hotel earlier so we can take our time to slowly get to the airport. So, once again, lemme showcase my "usual" breakfast again. 由于航班是中午,所以我们决定早上吃饱了早餐就可以准备动身去机场了。主要是不想太赶,又怕堵车。最后没让我再一次秀早餐给各位。

Quite similar kind of breakfast, but the bacon never gets old! I love bacons. I was searching for the fried chicken drummet but I guess they don't have it. So I took a croissant instead. I cut it open and stuff the cheese in between.

Am I afraid if my stomach will explode in the plane whilst the cabin pressurized? The answer is no. Oppsss I did it again. This time, croissant with butter spread.

And finally we're on the plane. After so many days indulged in the good stuff, coming to inflight meal became isn't really appetizing at all. I took the fruits, ate the bread, take a small portion of the rice, had some roast chicken in the rice, kept the bisuit and peanut in my bag to bring home. That marks the last bit of my first Bangkok experience with ex-girlfriend LazyMom aka @francesaw.

I would like to thank all my friends and family who has been supporting me. Feel free to leave me feedback by clicking below yellow banner. > 谢谢大家一直以来的支持和对我疼爱有加。如果方便,请你点击下图到我的个人资料网页为我留言请我吃星星哈。



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