Carnaval at Gran Canaria and the Netherlands, are there any differences?
Yes, yes and yes! So my video needs some explanation. First of all, it is my one week holiday and I always celebrate Carnaval in the south of Holland where I live. It is big, it is fun and we meet a lot of friends. Afterwards my gf and I traveled to Gran Canaria only to find out that they celebrate Carnaval in a total different way, but also big with a lot of fun and friends.

The first part is the Netherlands where I show you the parade I went to. If you ever feel like visiting a parade, go to Prinsenbeek who claims to be the biggest one with the biggest trucks. I can tell you a lot about the origins of carnaval how ever, I think it has changed a lot over the years. It is a Catholic thing but now a days people from all over celebrate Carnaval and for most of them it is another excuse to meet friends and family, dress up weird and have fun (clearly in a different way as usual).

The second part is at Gran Canaria. Where almost everybody is into carnaval. We witnessed two days but is has been going on for a month at least. On Saturday the 9th of March there was a huge parade with over a hundred trucks followed by hundreds of people. It was insanely crowded but it had a real carnaval vibe. It is more like the Brazilian carnaval which I only know from the movies I've seen on @dtube.

Now please enjoy the atmosphere and feel free to join me next year (or when you're from Brasil please invite me 😇 ).

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