Vancouver Island and Kayaking with the Killer Whale!

Dennis @dboontje
· October 2018 · 4 min read · Canada · #photography

Hi there fellow Steemians!

It has been a while since my last travelblog. Work has given me less time then expected so that's why my Canada blog is a little late. Whilst fall is giving us the most beautiful colors. I need to tell you about Vancouver Island.
All tourists we spoke to during the trip said that we should visit Tofino and Ucluelet because we liked surfing so much. Our trip is not usualy not like everyone elses and neither was this amazing week.

The ferry to Nanaimo

If you've never been on Vancouver Island before, you're going to love the ferry. We departed from Horseshoe bay which is about 20 minutes north of Vancouver city. Make sure you book this a few days in advance to be sure you'll have a spot on the boat at a time that suits you. Our ferry took us to Nanaimo in two hours and gave us a spectacular view over a variaty of islands.



Unfortunately we didn't book way in advance, so we had a boat at 8 pm. With a little delay we arrived in Nanaimo at 10:15 pm. which means it was already pretty dark. That's why we decided to drive our minivan just outside of the city and spent the night to drive up north first thing in the morning.

We heard about Telegraph Cove to be the best option to kayak with the Killer Whales. I said what??? Yes, kayak with the killer whale. North of the island there's a different type of killer whale that doesn't eat seals or dolphins but strictly smaller fish and it has no interest in the human what so ever. The only problem is... can we find it?
First a bit about Telegraph Cove, because this small village deserves some credit. It ended up to be my favorite place I have been to. It basically runs on salmon and the logging industry. The fresh salmon caught every day brings the tourist and the logging is famous for the high quality of trees shipped all around the world.

When we arrived we were amazed by how small and authentic it is. There's one campsite and one "resort" which means you sleep in wooden shets. I can highly recommend bringing your campervan or tent up the hill to the only campsite. The people are very friendly and helpfull. Everything is clean and everything you need is provided in a small shop nearby, but that is not the only thing important to us. Directly attached to the campsite is a hike with the most beautiful view. I'd like to tell you, but photo's can tell more then my English vocabulary.



The path to this amazing view:



When you take a few minutes to enjoy the view, you can see some of the marine life that lives in these waters.
From this viewpoint we spotted seals, whales and salmon! Awesome

kayak tours

In Telegraph cove are two ways to do a wildlife tour. First one is probably most picked. On a motorboat you join a real enthusiastic team of bioligists and a captain who is in contact with every other boat around and he's a bird specialist.
Your second option is a kayak tour with a guide who knows the best spots to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
We choose the last one and stepped into a kayak for 4 hours we saw everything we wanted to see, except for one tiny thing. Check the photo's below and find out what we didn't spot.






The freaking killerwhale decided not to show up that day. We even booked another tour on the motorboat to increase our change of seeing the majestic creatures also know as the Orca. We spoke to tourists who saw the killerwhale the day before we did the tour, but our luck ended there. This is most definitely the reason why I go back at least once.

Before you leave Telegraph Cove, make sure you visit the Whale Museum. It is a great place to check out what is going on in and around this exclusive area. And as a bonus, they use the cash they earn to help nature a hand.


Ofcours we gave Tofino and Ucluelet a visit as well. Hoping this was as nice as North of the Island. Unfortunately this was way more crowded and the weather wasn't helping.

I hope you this blog including the photo's. All photo's are taking by me with a Nikon D90. An upvote and resteem is highly appreciated! If you like to see the rest of my Canada trip, make sure you follow me and check out my blog.



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How cool is Telegraph cove. We did not see killer whales either ;-) I put this shot up 7 months ago from there

Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Wow! Great shot! I know exactly that looks even better in real life! 🤙

It is a nice little village too.

Remy @guchtereOctober 2018

Great to see you back to continue your Canada story! And boy you let us wait for a long period but it’s worth it. Loving the bird shots. Sad to hear you didn’t see any orca, but just like @blockbaer is mentioning the perfect excuse for you to return to Canada! Looking forward to your next adventure.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

My apologies for waiting that long. Like I said, other things has kept me off Steem posts for a while. Currently I'm working on my final post of my Canada trip. It means we're going back to Calgary for our flight back home. Luckily we saw some amazing stuff so make sure you'll keep a close eye on my blog. :)

Remy @guchtereNovember 2018

Looking forward to it.
Already have some new travelplans?

How many days did you stay in Canada? I have always wanted to visit the country! Did you go to the famous Rockies too?

I enjoyed reading about your 'water' adventure. So sad that you didn't see orcas but it's a good reason to go back as many times as needed before you finally see them :)

My favorite photo is the one with a mushroom. It's a really good photo with perfect focus.

Looking forward to reading more about your travel in Canada.

Have a nice day!

Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Hi there,

I was in Canada for 22 days and we saw a little of the Rockies but we didn't go north that far.
Thank you for the compliments. If you'd like to read more, you can find my older posts on my blog.
There will be one more post coming in a week or two.

Steem on!

I will go through them as I'd really like to see more photos :)

That sound like an absolutely amazing tour! I have done whale watching in washington state and it was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. But even though you haven't seen the orca's it looks like you have seen a lot of other amazing animals and marine life. And of course- you have the perfect excuse to go back 😊

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Yes @blockbear it doesn't get bored, ever! I've seen the whales in Australia as well, so the killer whale is high on my "to see list". Thanks for stepping by.

You have great photos there specially the fifth photo with the vivid blue nature. I enjoyed following your tour story and somehow I felt having a quick tour too.

It is unfortunate that the whale did not show up while you were there. I too would be interested to go back just to see it. How long did you stay in Nanaimo? Did you leave on the same day after your tour?

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Hi, I'm glad you feel like that. We didn't stay long in Nanaimo because I wanted to go north asap. And staying on Vancouver Island for a day isn't recommended. We stayed for a week and thats way to short to see it all. Yes we took the same ferry back to mainland.

staying on Vancouver Island for a day isn't recommended.

Why is that? I wonder how populated or commercialized the island is...

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

It is huge! Driving half the island from Nanaimo Port to Telegraph Cove takes about four hours. And that is not even half way. T
It is most definitely commercialized or touristic. That is why I went north which is a lot more relaxed and discovered as the west coast.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

It is huge! Driving half the island from Nanaimo Port to Telegraph Cove takes about four hours. And that is not even half way. T
It is most definitely commercialized or touristic. That is why I went north which is a lot more relaxed and discovered as the west coast.

I see. Yes, sometimes it is better to take the unbeaten path.

Thanks again for sharing your adventure!

Hi @dboontje , your post is lovely. I'm impressed with th beauty of the island. What a wonderful world, like the song says! Thanks for sharing, and I hope next time you can see the Orcas. I will follow your blog.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Thank you for taking time to read my post and for your comment.

uuuff friend ... how much I envy you. It is a fascinating experience, a privilege what you have lived. Thank you for those beautiful and incredible photographs. It is wonderful to have here on the platform someone who shares this type of content, for people like me, who will never have the opportunity to make such a trip. You have to appreciate this opportunity that life has given you, to enjoy our planet the way you do it. It is a pity that the killer whale did not appear, but the other animals you have photographed are precious. I will follow you to continue watching your adventures. You make me happy the night, I assure you that I will sleep thinking about those beautiful scenes that you have taught us. Greetings. And thanks.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Wow, I feel flattered by the kind words. To be honest I checked your comments If you're not saying this to everyone. Can you tell me why it isn't possible to take a trip like this for you? I mean I'm well aware that I'm privileged to take these trips. But I've seen loads of people who took a gamble and just go for it.

Yes the Orca's will haunt me for a few years. But I hope to spot them one day, maybe in Canada, maybe somewhere else. The rest of the trip makes sure I sleep pretty well and makes me forget the tiny thing like not seeing the orca's.
Again, thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it a lot!

Thanks for answering. In Venezuela unfortunately there is no time for an activity like this. Neither time nor budget. It's sad to admit that all the money you earn is for food. An oversight, and you run out of food. Therefore, a trip of this kind, for me is unattainable. That's why I was amazed when I saw your photographs. It's something I've always dreamed of, but I think it can never be fulfilled. What I told you, I do not tell everyone. I'm glad you're aware of living that privilege. You have to get that orca and photograph it for us. Greetings.

Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Wow, I havent checked out profile well enough. It makes a lot more sense now.. Although, last year I made a new friend who's from Venezuela as well. He lives in Holland for over ten years now, but he escaped the horrific situation he was in. He has hope to return and help his country in need but he is a aware in what kind of state your country is in. I have hope for you! It has reached rock bottom and hopefully things will get better soon.

Stay save and keep on dreaming!

jocqua @jocquaOctober 2018

Amazing photos @dboontje! How were you able to get so close to the bald eagles? I've seen a few before but always from the ground and at a great distance. Even from that far away my movement has scared them away. Those are some truly incredible pictures you captured. I'm in awe of the bald eagle, the whale and the scenic shot of the mountains. Truly beautiful.

I'm having the same reaction to the Orca's as you had. You can kayak with them!?!?! What?!?!! Hahaha that has got to be the coolest thing ever. It's a shame you didn't get to see one first hand but I guess that gives you even more reason to re-visit in the future.

Thanks for sharing! You've got me extremely interested in visiting Vancouver island. It seems like an incredible part of the world.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Thanks Jocqua.
Coming from you means a lot for me since I just checked out your blog. You're drone skills fascinate me.
The bald eagles were an obsession for me I have to say. And there was absolutely no better way to approach them other than the kayak. It took some effort to spot them early so I had time to grab my camera. Then it's a game of patience and being really quiet.
About the orca's, It is still a shame for me that I didn't spot them but yes, we will go back eventualy.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. Getting someone excited for the things I experienced myself is what I love to do. I will follow you hoping that I see more drone action this year.

jocqua @jocquaNovember 2018

Absolutely man! And thanks for checking out my stuff. I gave you a follow back too. I've captured a ton of cool drone stuff all around the world. Everything for scenic stuff to wildlife. It's a lot of fun!

I see you're from the Netherlands. I've been to Amsterdam a couple times. Only in the winter though. I'd love to visit in the summer. It's such a cool city. I've spent a little time outside Amsterdam as well but I can't remember the name of the town I was in.

My family and I have literally gone searching for bald eagles to try and get a glimpse of them. That's why I was so stoked to see your close ups of them. Where I'm from is apparently one of the highest concentrated areas they migrate to. I live in Northern Illinois in the United States. But like I said, they spotted us from quite a distance away and took off. We chased them for a bit in our car and got some cool views but only from the ground and looking through a pair of binoculars.

Anyway, I'll be sure to check back in with your travels! Definitely intrigued by your travel experiences and would love to follow your footsteps to Vancouver Island. I've actually been to Vancouver one time and I loved the city.


Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Yeah go Amsterdam! But honestly though, there's a lot more in Holland than Amsterdam. Make sure you'll visit again and I'll give you some recommendations.

It was my first time seeing the bald eagle. So impressive it is unheard of! Next time, bring a kayak and be a floating rock :D

Steem on!

jocqua @jocquaNovember 2018

Awesome man! Definitely will some day. Would love to see all that Holland has to offer.


Full upvote! love the post and the place! Went there when I was living in Canada, one of the best places I ever saw if you are in nature that is.
Thanks for briging back the memories.

Dennis @dboontjeOctober 2018

Thanks dude! Het is echt het mooiste land wat ik ooit heb gezien. Zijn er geen posts die jij kan maken over Canada?

heb al veel gepost meer dan een jaar geleden toen ik begon op Steemit, zal eens kijken of ik nog iets leuks heb liggen

Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Ja je hebt al veel post laten zien over reizen :) Erg leuk om te lezen! Wat wordt jouw volgende reis?

hello @dboontje, undoubtedly the publications that most fascinate me are those that have to do with travel, as I devote myself to the same thing, only in another latitude.

I will never know what autumn is until one lives in plenitude, I live in a tropical country of two seasons, and the diversity you show us I can not find in my country either, I find fascinating and risky to navigate between orcas and seals, as you say yourself more worth a thousand images than the words you use to relate, simply fantastic photographs of marine life, without escaping the majestic eagle you captured.

I hope someday I can visit vancuver island, it looks very good place to spread out and be one with nature <3 <3

grateful that you shared this publication.

greetings, peace and love

Dennis @dboontjeNovember 2018

Hey man! It was absolutely stunning and feels like the perfect throwback talking about my latest trip. If you ever have the change of visiting British Columbia than go for it. The wildlife might be my favorite aspect of Canada. These animals do not appear in any other country (at least not as often) where I've been to.

i'm glad you like your country, others don't appreciate it or just prefer to be in the city limits. natural life is worth appreciating every time you can. i will definitely put british colombia in my next destination. i have a venezuelan-colombian friend who lives in canada. She likes the cold, although there is an animal that identifies her that is not in the North Pole, the penguin that is only in South America, have you thought about visiting the other end of America? for example Chile has a city that is considered the southernmost in the world, land of fire where is just the Strait of Magellan.

I imagine for a moment if the project of liberation of nations that Francisco de Miranda had in mind had been concreted, all America would be a single country called the Colobeia

today we would be of the same nationality, without borders <3