Re: Walk with me - a sunny day in Aarau

I love the trash cans. So whimsical. They do a thing similar to that in one neighborhood here in town. Folks sign up to paint a fire hydrant. Amazing to see all the different ideas and viewpoints. I love the 'chomper' one with the teeth. Got a good chortle out of all of them, but that one in particular. Silly is always No. 1 in my book.

I agree, losing something is such a drag. A waste of a good glove. Maybe there is a lost and found somewhere nearby. But on the bright side, if you ever get a milking goat, you can use it to keep the udder warm. Always look for the silver lining in the loss-of-stuff cloud, I always say.

Thanks for the nice view out and about in that part of the world. Never been, but maybe someday. That is the joy of Steemit though, we get to travel all over the world, from our little computer chair, until we get the chance to board a jet. Cheers, and have a nice day.


Painting fire hydrants is also a great idea! There are so many and they all are ugly so why not making them look better? Do you have some photos? Would love to see those.

Yeah, that one looked a bit dangerous :D I can't imagine a child going there and throwing something into it :D I also prefer silly things as we tend to act too serious sometimes..

That is a good tip! I didn't think about it.. will probably store it until I get that milking goat :D

Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment! I hope you'll get a chance to come over here. I also enjoy reading various travel posts here. Some of them are so good that they make you feel like were there as well! That's the beauty of internet. You can do so little to see places that are far far far away..

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for the good idea. I need to pedal around and photo the hydrants. Hard to keep up with all the posting ideas that swim around up there (below the hat). There is fascinating things going on everywhere. I hope one day to get to your neck of the woods in the world. Would be fun. Cheers


It's always better to have many ideas than none :) I very often struggle with the latter..

You would be very welcome here!