Before I went to Slovakia I planned my itinerary as usually. I wanted to go to the mountains and spend a few days there. I also wanted to visit some historical places that I haven't seen before. I wrote down everything, so that the only thing I had to do is look at my schedule, get in the car and go. This was the plan but...

I was so happy to be there that a first couple of days I didn't even think about traveling. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family. When I was ready to leave for a few days, there were severe snow storms in the places that I wanted to visit. It was not possible to get there and some people even got stuck in their homes because of snow.

I had to prepare a new plan. Instead of traveling I met old friends, worked on the business plan, ate my body weight in traditional food and compensated it with lots of walking.

Today, I'd like to take with me on a walk in my hometown...

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/8 35 mm


My hometown is located in Eastern Slovakia, close to the Ukrainian and Polish borders. It is surrounded by beautiful hills but they were not visible during my stay because of the clouds, so you'll have to be happy with a couple of historical buildings today 😊

Let's start out walk!

The oldest building in the city is The Manor House. It's about 15 minutes walk from my parents' house.

It is a classicist building that was created by the reconstruction of the original wooden building in 1781 for Terezia van Dernathova. The first mention of the wooden building dates back to 1646. The town's rulers from 1321 to 1684 were from the Drugeth family, who came from Salerno near Naples. The wooden building was constructed during their rein.

After Terezia's death in 1799, her sons sold the manor house to Jozef Rohl - a mining and metallurgical entrepreneur. His children developed the region until 1857. They built an iron and steel works in the valley in 1809. The region was booming during that time.

After 1857, the manor house changed the owners a few times until it was abandoned to ruin and decay. The city bought it in 2009 and the complete reconstruction was finished in 2013.

Today, it serves as a museum and library. There are also various interesting events held in the manor house such as concerts, various exhibitions, and so on.

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/8 32 mm

This is how it looked before:


Behind the manor house is a smaller house that was used to accommodate servants in the past. This house is still waiting for its reconstruction. When I was there in the summer, the building looked like ruins and it was quite spooky.

The elementary schools in the city helped to improve its looks by making various paintings and attaching them to window frames. I like how it looks now 😊

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/8 24 mm

The most precious monument in the city is The Statue of Hercules. The statue depicts Hercules in the fight with the Hydra.

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/7.1 24 mm

There were three statues cast from iron in 1841. One is in my hometown, the second one is in Uzhhorod and the third one is probably somewhere in Hungary.

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/7.1 38 mm

The areal is open to public but it looked like there was no one for at least two days as there were no foot prints in snow 😊 I walked around a lot and left many of them behind 😊

ISO 250 1/160 Sek. f/7.1 50 mm

We will probably have to wait until spring to take a seat...

ISO 100 1/160 Sek. f/5.6 48 mm

Just before I walked back home I saw this pretty green plant covered in snow. It was melting already and I thought it was a nice place to take some photos.

ISO 160 1/160 Sek. f/3.2 70 mm

ISO 160 1/160 Sek. f/3.2 70 mm

ISO 160 1/160 Sek. f/3.2 70 mm


That's it for today 😊 I hope you enjoyed this winter walk with me.

Thank you for reading,

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