Re: Lord Nigel's Travels - Peru - Ultimate Machu Picchu Collection

There are places that everyone should visit once in a lifetime and this is one of them. I haven't visited it yet but I think it's one of them :) When did you visit it? It looks like you were lucky with tourists. I'm sure there were some as there must be always some but it indeed doesn't seem too crowded.

Thank you for showing us your trip and I must say that you were very brave to do this trip considering the health conditions that you mentioned.

Have a lovely day!


Gosh must have been 10 years back now when I took these pics. back before the time of Iphones and internet maps at least because I remember using a hand drawn map haha.

I've been ill since I was 17; on and off through life, currently in remission. When life rolls you a one, bugger the dice, haha roll yourself a 6 and travel the world :)


Hahaha, I still prefer a hand drawn map. And I like to write on it :)

I am happy to hear that you're doing well and I hope that you will feel even better! :)