Re: Open air museum of folklore architecture

I remember that my great grandparents lived in such house. I don't remember much from that period as my great grandma died before I was born but I recall my great grandfather sitting outside of the house with me on his lap giving me treats that my mom wouldn't allow me to eat :D

And my ex's mother still lives in such house. And trust me, it is not comfortable. There is no toilet inside, issues with warm water and heating and the windows are too small so it's always dark. It's not a house for today's needs :)

Hahaha, Maxo won't get bigger. They only grow until they are 6 months old and he turned 6 months in June :) But with his energy I am sure he can pull that anytime :)


lol on Maxo! I bet he could pull it for sure :)

And while I've heard stories from my parents of what that might've been like, I have never seen such a house... I do think the lack of some of the modern conveniences would be a set back, but I think its fascinating how people were happy in such simpler times (under those conditions).