Not now and I hope it won't come like last year. It was so cold in April and we even had more snow than in winter!

Hahaha, NO! It didn't have any bling on it :D It was a sporty glove. The one that you take to the mountains :)

WOW! So better don't swim in there, lol. I think we should take a better care of our planet but well.. the only thing I can do is spread awareness about how important it is..

The river can look brown if there is soil in the river bank. It doesn't mean that it's dirty. But I guess that in your case it still is :D

Hahaha, I thought so! I had to read your sentence twice as I was not sure if I saw it correctly :D

I went to the TRX session - not to exercise as I'm not allowed to do it this week because of my surgery but to see some exercises as I'm planning to buy this thing at home. Then I did some commenting and took a nap for 2 hours. Those painkillers make me so sleepy. Now I'm going to prepare some dinner. It's quite late for dinner but we both are not very hungry so it's fine.

And afterwards I think I'll watch some movie :)

What are you planning to do today?

Jonboy @jantonFebruary 2019

Howdy again Martina! sorry this was 4 hours ago. I had to throw together some kind of post, I hope it makes sense, no videos this time to help me. lol.
Then I had to run to town, pick up some things and fill the car with gas so Mrs. J doesn't have to be concerned with running out. She is on call so we're hoping that she doesn't have to go in this evening, she had a brutal week last week with all that went down. Did I tell you about the big evacuation? Probably not.

But anyway she needs to rest up. I agree about the planet. I know we over here are always improving it. It's at least 100% better than it used to be and there's no pollution smog in the cities like there used to be or very little in just a few. China is the one poluting more than everyone else combined.

What is a TRX session? And what kind of machine do you want? Something to bulk up your upper body so you can punch someone in the face?