Hahaha, next time you need to tell me in advance so that I wave back :)

Now it's not the best time as there is a lot of snow in the Alps. The highways are clear but if you go a little bit up the mountains it might get tricky..

There is only two options to get there and it's either walking or taking the zugli (how we say it in the Swiss German) :) There is no road so you can't go out with a motorcycle.. You could park it in Vitznau or any other village on the way and then walk for example. It is an easy route.. the only problem now is the snow so it's dangerous to go hiking if you don't have the right equipment or if you suffer from hips issues like I do :)

I wish I took a photo too but there were too may tourists and I'm not very comfortable in such crowds.. But you can google it :)

Thank you for stopping by!