Re: Travel adventures - Castle Loket and the dark side of history

Hahaha, I agree with you. But this is part of history that should not be forgotten. And some horrible things are still happening in the world but we just don't hear about them that often..

Oh, me too! :) Of course I don't chew on that side yet but it surprisingly doesn't hurt at all. I was expecting some horrible pain so now I'm happy that it didn't happen :)

Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment!


Truly. It is one mysterious and often crazy but beautiful life we live. Such a conundrum at times. Philosophizing on it gives me feelings of shock! (Like physical shaking and chills! It happened in YTT)

Oh yes! Once the tooth is out, it can feel much better unless you get a dry socket which hinders the spot from healing. I had it once. It was not fun. You'll be back to eating on that side soon enough. Will you have the tooth replaced? Or live with the space?