Re: Open air museum of folklore architecture

Hahaha, that is true! My hometown is around 30 minutes drive from Ukraine :) My father was born in Slovakia but his nationality Rusyn and his family speak Rusyn language which is something like Ukrainian :) So when I go to Ukraine I do understand and can also speak with people. It requires some effort but it's doable :)

Where exactly are you from?


God we are almost relatives! )))
My hometown is Ivano-Frankivsk, it is western Ukraine. Now I live in Kyiv

How nice! ❤


I have checked google maps and it's only 300 km apart! We are indeed almost relatives :) But it's about 5 hours 27 minutes by car.. those roads in Ukraine :)

Did you move because of work? I visited Kiev a few times and I loved it. There are of course some dodgy places where I would never walk alone but there are many beautiful places in the city that I truly enjoyed. People are so nice day and food is very good!


You sounds like a true Ukrainian - "only 300 km apart plus roads..." and plus boarder, it may takes a halp of day )))

I moved because of my husband's work. He wish he'd move to me, but Kyiv was the only town he can work in Ukraine.

It's so nice to hear you enjoyed your visiting Kyiv! If you ever want to come again, I'd be happy to meet you and show you the town from the sight of locals ))