Travel adventures - Mallorca - Part 3

Taste and travel @delishtreatsAugust 2018 · 7 min read

Are you ready for another trip with me in Mallorca? Fasten your seat belts as we're going to drive in mountains and the roads are curvy and narrow 😊 Are you asking where we're heading? Then continue reading 😊

There are too many places to see in Mallorca when you're only staying for one week. Even two weeks are not enough. All of these old villages and towns are so diverse and if you want to soak up their atmosphere you need to stay in each of them for at least a few hours. We didn't see as much as we wanted but we devoted one full day to the medieval city called Valldemossa.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm


Driving to Valldemossa is very adventurous as the town is located on the hilltop in The Serra de Tramuntana mountains. But trust me, you will not regret your decision to drive there. It is a hiking and biking paradise too.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

There are plenty of shops, boutiques and places to eat and drink. When we entered the city and I saw so many shops I thought there will be plenty of tourists around us and this is not what I enjoy to be honest. But we must have been very lucky here as there were just a few people.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 22 mm

It's the highest town in Mallorca and as it's surrounded by mountains you will get to enjoy some beautiful views.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

There is something that I love about towns here. The cobblestone streets and the Spanish architecture add up to their charm.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

There are mountains wherever you look.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

As the town is built on a hill get ready to climb up and down.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

Valldemossa has a rich history but it is mostly known as the place where the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and his lover, the French writer George Sand (don't get suspicious - George was a woman 😊), spent the winter of 1838, staying in their rented rooms in the monastery. They didn't have the best time as Chopin was very sick. Ms. Sand wrote a bitter book about her time there. The book was not very appreciated by the locals as they felt insulted but it gave the town a certain popularity.

There is also a museum in the monastery dedicated to them.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

The monastery is in the back of the photo. As you can see it is the siesta time as there is just one person sitting on the terrace 😊


ISO 100 1/250 sec. f/9 24 mm

Santa Catalina Thomas and festivities

Valldemossa has a special meaning for locals as it is a birthplace of the island’s only saint Santa Catalina Thomas. She is present everywhere in the town.

She was born in 1531 as Caterina Thomàs i Gallard. She was knows as a visionary. She saw visions of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Anthony of Padua and angels prophesying the future. She also had visions of struggle with the Devil who wanted to separate her from God's will. She died at the age of 43 and her body is kept in Palma.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

There is also a statue devoted to Santa Catalina Thomas. I loved the flowers covering one part of it!


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 20 mm

We came one day before the Patron saint festival (this festival is held in honor of Santa Catalina Thomas) and Valldemossa was getting ready for the festivities.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

The church is dedicated to Saint Bartholomew but as many times in Mallorca we couldn't go inside as it seems that most of the churches are only opened just right before the holy mass and they close again right after the mass - at least this is our experience.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

The decoration was so colorful and it was dancing in the strong wind. As it's located in the mountains and its streets are mostly narrow, Valldemossa is a very windy town.

There was some decoration behind every corner. I've seen mainly three colors - blue, green and white. I think that similar patron festivities are held across the island as well as we've seen the same decoration in other towns and villages too. During this time you can enjoy some concerts, open-air dances, outdoor dinners, water activities or folklore shows.

I really liked the festive feeling even though the streets were deserted at that moment. We have seen just a few locals here and there. The Spanish (at least in small towns) take their siesta time very seriously.

From what we've seen I can say that in small towns most of the restaurants and shops are closed and there is almost no chance to get anything to eat or drink during this time. But we always carry a little snack and a bottle of water with us so no biggie 😊

As Valldemossa is a bit bigger we have found a small bistro where we got some refreshment. I love fresh orange juice in Spain! So sweet!

I'd like to show you a few more impressions of the decoration.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

On the way back...

We took a different road on the way back (even worse than on the way here) and we got rewarded by some amazing views of the sea.


ISO 100 1/250 sec. f/9 20 mm

We tried to stop and take some photos whenever it was possible as the views were so nice. Well, it was not as often as I would wish but we will have to treasure some views only in our memories 😊


ISO 100 1/250 sec. f/9 20 mm

While trying not to get car sick I suddenly noticed a sign for a restaurant. That was such a blessing as I needed to take a break from driving! And it turned out to be a view point too! The restaurant is called Mirador de na foradada so follow the sign when you're on the way from Valldemossa in direction of Deia. The views from there are brilliant!


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

After we continued our drive we could still see the sea from a long distance.


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

Lemon and orange trees are everywhere. The fruit is hanging just above your head and you're tempted to pick it up. At least I was 😊


ISO 100 1/320 sec. f/9 18 mm

I'd like to finish this post with a photo of me taking photos 😊 My husband had this idea to capture me doing my favorite activity in the world! Now I have so many of them! I haven't shared any of them with you yet but I think it's a good idea.

I hope you have enjoyed another day with us in Mallorca.

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All pictures (except of the last one which was taken by Samsung Galaxy S7) are taken by my Nikon D3200 AF-S NIKKOR 18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6 G II (except of the ones indicated in the article).

Thank you for reading!


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wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Great job Martina! I love the view overlooking the water shots!


Thank you Dave! In reality it's even more beautiful :)


@delishtreats that is hard to believe ;)


Have loved reading this Mallorca series Martina!

I too had thought of Mallorca as a tourist hot spot so I figured it didn't have too much to offer - how wrong was I! Thank you for sharing your experience of the place and opening my eyes a bit. How lucky you got those beautiful landscape shots from the restaurant... it's those types of hidden gems you never forget!


Thank you so much my dear! There will be one or two more :)

You are right! I also had the wrong perception of the island but it's really worth a visit. You're not so far away so you can go there anytime :)

Exactly! These are the places that I never forget and that I love to share with my supporters so that they can experience the same when they get a chance to go there :)

Thank you for stopping my dear! :)


Oh I am loving this post! Such FABULOUS photography and yes I think it’s a great idea to see the artist at work as shot by hubby- good work Mr Hubby ☺️ The scenery is as breathtaking as in all your Mallorca posts. To witness the mountains and trees meeting the sea is one of the most Zen experiences, really beyond what words can adequately describe!
I also love cobblestone streets in hilly towns. Spain And Italy seem to have a good share of them in the old quarters of coursewhich are most always the most beautiful and romantic part to wander and explore.
I wonder if some of those eateries that were closed only open in the evenings during the summer months? Most people can’t take the heat and spend the days at the beach trying to keep cool and only head back in land after sunset so they could all come alive for evenings. The Spanish love their holidays and time off so finding a balance between running business and not missing out on their beach time I have found which to be honest is a great way to live, don’t you think? Life is too short to not make the most of. Oops here I go writing too much again, haha enough said, it’s a BEAUTIFUL post of a WONDROUS island. Viva Mallorca!


You never write too much!! :) Thank you for another lovely comment! I'm really by no means an artist :D but you're very kind to say that though!

The views were breathtaking! Mallorca got my heart from the first day :) The landscape is so diverse and I didn't expect it at all. Your grandma had a good taste! :)

You are right. There are restaurants that only open in the evening but then there are many of them that are open let's say till 3 for lunch and then again from 6 for dinner. I love how they split their time. I'm sure you're doing something similar in Costa Rica :) I wish in Western Europe we were a bit better in that :)

Thank you again my darling!


How many lemons you picked up?


Well, I was honestly afraid to do so :D didn't want to be attacked by some furious local in the language I don't understand :D but we had plenty of them in lemonades and cocktails! Thank you for stopping by Edgar!


Very clever of you not to pick lemons. I remember my grandfather (farmer, NY, USA) and the whole family would be indignant when a tourist stopped to pick apples that temptingly hung from a tree. To the tourist it was an innocent gesture. To my grandfather, it was a theft of livelihood. As a child I was astonished by his anger, but now, as an adult who has had to earn a living, I can see his point.
This is a wonderful post. A vivid virtual journey. I will check out your others.


I would never do it :) I do understand your grandfather as I'm from a farmers family myself and I know that my grandfather would react the same if somebody would take whatever he planted. Even I was asking for a permission when I wanted to pick a tomato :D

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will like the other ones too! :)


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My best supporters! Thank you! :)


Martina, it is so fun to travel with you. What a beautiful charming place. Those views of the sea were gorgeous. Love it all, great post!


Thank you so much Sara! There will be also a sunset photo in the next post ;)


Looking forward to it.


Lemon and orange trees are everywhere. The fruit is hanging just above your head and you're tempted to pick it up. At least I was

hahahaha... is it enough for the sweet lemon infused water for tomorrow? are going to enjoy the festival too..that's would be interesting if you would.. why all decoratives are blue, white and green? no yellow and red, like spanish flag? wish that the hotel owner would like to tell you.. and how's he.. still have time to listen to your story as we do here?

will not tell ya about all beautiful moment you've captured anymore.. all of them always gorgeous, and I think the trees on the snaps no. 14 are olive trees?


We're already back at home :( the festival was last week but we didn't manage to go there as we had different plans. And there are also some parts with animals which I don't really want to see :)

We got so many lemons! Of course we didn't pick them up from the trees :D but we bought them!

It was actually not him but his dog who listened to me :D and he did throughout all week :D He was patiently waiting next to our table waiting for food cause he knew I couldn't resist at the end and he always won!

Yes, these are olive trees. There are plenty of them in Mallorca. They also have many farms where they plant them.

Thank you Cici for stopping by! It's always nice to hear from you!


It was actually not him but his dog who listened to me :D and he did throughout all week :D He was patiently waiting next to our table waiting for food cause he knew I couldn't resist at the end and he always won!

hahahahahahaha... no wonder that he would listen to you all the time, good dog, he knew how to handle a nice visitor like you. but you're a vegetarian.. and the dog? what did he get from you ? mushroom? whooaaa... that's really funny...
so.. the trees that grew among the stones .. also olives?


I'm vegan to be precise :) So no animal products at all for me. Actually, it was a vegan hotel and all dogs get only vegan food and they were all very healthy and perfectly fine. This one loves apricots :D but he was happy with some bread too :D

Yes my dear, also olives :)


hahahaha.. that's something against it nature.. dogs are carnivora, but he loves apricot and bread.. that's amazing. if the meat lover could enjoy the vegetarian foods and stay healthy.. it's remarkably awesome! Thank you @delishtreats for the information.. it's really amazing.. dogs... vegetarian dogs, whoaaaa


It's lovely when you find a little gem like this on holiday and have it all to yourself and the locals with literally no other tourists! Lovely post!


You are so right! I really prefer holiday in the local community :)


Not used to seeing such great informative posts on steem.


I'm really pleased to hear that! Thank you!


Traveling is so much fun
I am not getting time.
Poor me


I hope you'll have the opportunity to travel soon! :) Thank you for stopping by!