Trip to the castle Jasenov

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When we travel back home, we always plan at least one family trip with my cousins. We spend some time together and choose the right location as we all want to visit something new.

Castle Jasenov is not that far away from our hometown but nobody from our family has visited it before so the choice was made. We packed our stuff, got in the cars and started our adventure.

It took us around 30 minutes to get to the parking place under the castle. From the parking place we had to hike another 30 minutes up the hill. The trail is not long but very steep and I was short of breath by the time we reached the castle.


First we sat down and relaxed for a few minutes before walking around the castle as I was not the only who was short of breath 😊


ISO 100 1/160 sec. f/8 26 mm

We enjoyed some nice views of the surroundings hills. I love my region.


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

The hills in the back are already in Poland (left) and Ukraine (right).


ISO 100 1/200 sec. f/8 31 mm

Now it's the time to go inside of the castle..


ISO 100 1/160 sec. f/8 29 mm

Castle Jasenov

The ruins of the castle Jasenov are located deep in the forest in Humenské vrchy. It was built in the 13th century after the invasion of the Tatars. It is not sure who commissioned the construction of the castle, but it is assumed that it was nobleman Peter, after the acquisition of surrounding property by King Ladislav IV. in 1284.

The first mention of the castle Jasenov dates back to 1328 where it is mentioned as castrum Jezenew.

It is known for false coins that were made there in the 16th century. Master Mikuláš, who was responsible for the castle workshop, was imprisoned and later beheaded on the square of Prešov.

The castle was occupied and heavily damaged in the 17th century. It was in decay from 1644.

Nowadays, there is an ongoing reconstruction of the 'new' upper castle. There are around 30 people working on site every day for almost 6 years. Just imagine that they have to go up and down the hill everyday!

The reconstruction is very slow, but the progress is visible. The workers have to clean all those small stones and then rebuild the walls.


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

They still have many years of work ahead (probably around 10 years) but once it's finished it's going to be amazing. They even plan to put a roof and install windows!


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

Let's walk around!

There is a protective wall around the castle. The wall is not going to be renovated as it's a part of the old castle.


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

You can enter the castle at your own risk. The stones are not stabilized and could fall. It was however the best playground for Maxo - the more dangerous, the better 😊


ISO 100 1/100 sec. f/8 24 mm

Sneak peek through the window..


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

And some views from around the castle..


ISO 100 1/200 sec. f/8 24 mm


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm


ISO 100 1/200 sec. f/8 24 mm

I almost fell off the wall when I was taking this photo. The wind was very strong that day and pushed me too hard. Luckily my cousin was nearby and caught me right before falling. Then he said it was enough and we went back down.


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

Another view through the window...


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

And this is how the renovated gate looks like. It looks quite authentic...


ISO 100 1/125 sec. f/8 24 mm

This is Maxo's look when my husband has a cookie in his hand and he can't wait to munch on it 😊


ISO 160 1/125 sec. f/8 45 mm

After our tour we all gathered at my grandma's place and enjoyed a cup of coffee together.

I hope you enjoyed our day!

Thank you for sharing!


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Beautiful location and views from up there, you did your steps for the day :). Maxo seems to be such a good comrade and a perfect end for your posts, such a cute boy!


It was not that challenging in terms of steps as it was not even more than 10k. It was more walking on an uneven path and up up up :)

He doesn't like me anymore though. He is still upset that I left him home. Anytime I talked to my mom and she shows him the screen he looks at me and as soon as he sees me he turns around. When she does it several times he gets pissed off and walks out of the room. Oh boy :D


I think he likes you too much after all those adventures together and now is upset you left him behind. I have a feeling you miss him also...can’t wait to see his face next time you go home. He considers you to be his master not your mother and that’s hard to change, she needs to play and get out with him more often to form the bond.


If I would be very honest with you I would say that I miss Maxo much more than my mom :)

She has a physically difficult job so when she comes home she is tired to run around him. She does go out with him very often but it's not very exciting. He has a lot of energy as he is still just a puppy. I probably talk about him too much, lol.


These are my favorites posts Martina!... I could look at those castles all day... You're so lucky to have such amazing things to see! (and amazingly, as always there's never any people there... are you sure you're not royalty or something?)


There will be another one next week :) And I wish there would be even more castles around me so that I could show them to you :)

Hahaha, I knew that you would say that! And there are many more posts coming with no people around. It's just about patience and getting the right angle. But I must admit that there was no one besides us and the workers. When we were leaving the castle there was another family coming.. I'm from the Eastern part of Slovakia and this part is not that touristy so you can enjoy without many people around you :)


Martina, what a fun walk. You are great with mixing information and friendliness. The place and pictures are great. I will say I miss the pictures of you at the end. Maxo is cute but it was fun seeing a shot of you too!


You know, we were so focused on taking pictures of him that we completely forgot to take photos of myself for the end of the post. BUT I will start posting it again next week :)

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words Sara!


That looks like fun! It looks like a fairly large castle, too. Interesting that they don't know for certain who commissioned the original structure. I wonder why they aren't going to restore the old castle, too...

Is it possible to visit that castle at night? I bet you could have a lot of fun photographing the stars with the castle silhouetted in the foreground.

Visiting castles was one of the things I enjoyed most, when I lived in southern Spain. Because of the constant conflicts between the Moors and Christians, the countryside is dotted with castles from a wide variety of time periods, architectural styles, and states of disrepair.


It's indeed a large castle. You can see it from far away.. I don't know why they are not going to restore the old castle but maybe simply because they don't have enough funds. Those workers didn't know..

I think it is as there are no gates :) You are right! It would be a great opportunity to get some amazing photos.

I haven't visited any castles in Spain yet and to be honest I didn't know there are many of them. I do enjoy visiting castles too so it would be a nice activity during my next trip to Spain.

Thank you for stopping by!


Wonderful pictures and really interesting story about a castle @delishtreats .. But you make wonder.. how thin are you know so the wind could blown you 😊 just kidding. Let me guess.. is it maxo who gets to the top of the hill first?

Oohh.. he's so cute and nice too😄


Hahaha, you need to consider that we were on top of the hills AND on top of the castle. The wind blows from one wall to another and is really strong. But yeah, I'm rather petite :)

Actually no, Maxo was running from the right to the left like crazy and then he was happy to relax in front of the castle as he walked twice as much as we did, lol. Silly dog :)

He is, isn't he? :) His fur is now longer and he is even cuter :)


Boy has more energy than adults 😁😂 and full power fur ball.. lucky that he's so close to the ground 😊😆

Well.. I can imagine how hard the wind is. Im jealous that you have a beautiful hometown


Again, the place looks so native! Everything, the landscape, names of towns and rivers, even damages )))
Glad to hear you and Maxo enjoyed your trip!


It's a very traditional region :) And as I said, close to Ukraine and I'm sure that it's similar there.. but well, our roads are a little bit better, lol.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment! :)


Thank YOU for a nice report and sweet memories!
Our roads wasn't too bad always. I remember the time when we travel around often and much. There are so many castles like this in Ukraine. And your photos reminds me of that 🤗❤


Krásné hrady máte na Slovensku :) O tomhle jsem ještě neslyšel, ale moc se mi líbí. Škoda, že je od nás tak daleko. Mám v plánu teď přes léto objezdit nějaké hrady tady u nás na kole :)


Aj vy máte krásne hrady v Čechách :) Aj keby to nebolo tak ďaleko, tak by som ti asi neporadila ísť u nás niekam na bicykli, keďže nemáme žiadne cyklotrasy a šoféri sú strašne agresívny. Také športy sú u nás životu nebezpečné :)

Uži si leto v rodnej vieske :)


Jojo, slyšel jsem, že u vás moc cyklostezek není. To je škoda, podle mě je kolo ideální způsob, jak si vychutnat krásu krajiny :)

Díky moc, hezké léto i tobě na Slovensku/Švýcarsku :)


Howdy Matina! wow! I'm so glad your cousin was beside you when you started to fall! oh my gosh you are so dedicated! As far as the again. lol. What a work those guys are doing, painstaking but to put a historic building like that back together using original stones is just phenomenal! Go back in ten years please and take lots of photos but don't go on a windy day! lol. Love those views from up there, yowser!


I would call it stupid, but dedicated sounds better :D I will definitely go there in a few years too to see the progress and also once when it's finished.

I like the views better than in the Alps.. I think I'm biased as I was born there :)


I'd given anythiing to have a house with views like that! Amazing.


Looks like wonderful ancient place.. Specially landscape is breathtaking...


Thank you @priyanarc. I agree with you. We don't have huge mountains but those hills are so charming :)


Beautiful ruins of castle. Good story.


Thank you for stopping by!