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Welcome to this edition of

California Mountain Adventures!!

In this adventure I headed out into Northern Yosemite to spend a few days exploring around the Young lakes!


After our trip to Split mountain @doverland headed back home to Arizona and I went to Keough hot springs for the night. The next day I drove north to Yosemite national park. I entered the park via Tioga pass and then drove down to Tuolumne meadows. I got my permit at the ranger station there and setup camp at the backpackers campground. I tried some fishing in the Tuolumne river, but without any luck. So I headed back to the campground and enjoyed a nice campfire while I got my stuff ready for my next adventure.


Lembert Dome from the Tuolumne river


Campfire at Tuolumne meadows

The next morning I packed up early and headed out the Dog Lake trail around Lembert Dome, passed Dog lake, Delaney creek, Dingely creek, and up to the junction with the Young lakes trail. From there it was another mile and a half to the lowest of the three Young lakes. The lake was absolutely beautiful! Shimmering in the sunlight. I took a little break there and then found a spot to stash my pack while I went to climb Ragged Peak(10,912'). I climbed up to the saddle east of the peak and then up to the summit rocks. The summit rocks were a really fun class 3 climb. The summit was only big enough for one person with huge vertical drops on all sides. It was WAY awesome!! I sat up there for quite awhile enjoying all the killer views. Then I headed back down and picked up my gear at the lower lake. From there I hiked up passed the second of the lakes and then up to the third and highest of the lakes. All three of the Young lakes were uniquely beautiful. Each with it's own style. I found a really nice spot on the south side of the third lake and setup my camp there. I tried a little fishing in the lake and then climbed up on the rocks behind my camp. From there I had a great view overlooking the lower lakes and I sat there for awhile and enjoyed a really lovely sunset.


Crossing Delaney creek


Enjoying the views on my way up Ragged peak


Looking southwest from Ragged peak


Views looking north from Ragged peak


The summit blocks of Ragged peak


Back at the first of the Young lakes


The second of the Young lakes


The third Young lake


Ragged Peak and the lower Young lakes

Sunset timelapse

The next day I left my camp setup at the lake and spent my day climbing Mt. Conness(12,590') and White mountain(12,057'). First I headed for Conness. The lower part had some loose sandy stuff which was a bit of a pain. But the final climb to the summit was super cool with a lot of big cliff exposure, but still keeping it easy class 2. And the summit had some really huge views! It was incredible to be able to overlook so much of of the beauty that is Yosemite!


Reflection on the lake in the morning


Climbing Mt. Conness


Selfie with the summit of Mt. Conness behind me


Looking north from Mt. Conness


Views looking west from the summit of Mt. Conness

After enjoying my time on the summit I headed for White mountain. I got down to the saddle between the two peaks and then climbed up the talus covered ridge to the summit. More amazing views awaited me there! From the summit I hiked along the south ridge a bit. Really enjoying all the incredible scenery. And then I dropped off the west face which included some really fun and exposed class 3! This route dropped me down to the big meadow between White and Conness. From there I traversed back to my camp at the upper Young lake for one more night. I got back to camp and once again did some fishing and then enjoyed another splendid sunset from the rocks by camp.


Odd concrete blocks on the traverse from Conness to White


A natural rock shelter on the way up White mountain


Mt. Conness from White mountain


Views looking east from White mountain


Me on the summit of White mountain


Large meadow between Conness and White


Crossing Conness creek


Traversing back to Young lakes


Getting back to the Young lakes


Back at camp




Night at Young Lakes

In the morning I packed up and started back down the trail. This time taking the Young lakes trail all the way back to Tuolumne meadows to get some fresh scenery on the hike back. Coming into the meadows I caught the PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) and followed it back over to the trailhead near Lembert dome where I began. Ending yet another awesome California mountain adventure!


Morning glow at Young lakes


Reflection of Ragged peak in the lowest Young lake


Shadows on the shores of the lowest Young lake


Ragged peak from the Young lakes trail


Views while hiking down the Young lakes trail

And that's going to be it for this

California Mountain Adventure!

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all photos by @derekrichardson

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