dfinney @dfinneyJanuary 2019

Re: R2R Travelogue 2: Navajo Nation and Canyon de Chelly

Yes, I went in summer but the thing is... with the snow you have had a beautiful and unique experience.

I used to go to the Grand Canyon a lot and of course everyone wants to gaze into it from the rim. But once I visited and it was snowing and the clouds filled the canyon so you couldn’t see into it at all. The next morning when everything cleared and the top portions were covered in snow is one of the most special moments of my time visiting.

You are very lucky to have seen Canyon de Chelly under these conditions! ☺️

roleerob @roleerobJanuary 2019

Yes, @dfinney ...

"... with the snow you have had a beautiful and unique experience."

... good perspective! I was fine with the snow. It was the wind I could've have easily done without, as I would have been able to stay and enjoy the snowy views more.

I see you are now in the Pacific Northwest. That is where our family ended up. I touched on that briefly in the post I finished last night.

Heading your way, before this trip is over. One last day here in Arizona, then on into California and the Pacific Ocean. Then up into the Northwest ...

Off into Day Five I go ... Thank you for your comments and perspective. I enjoyed them!