Re: Open air museum of folklore architecture

Actually the distance isn't so big between the E border of Slovakia to the NW border of Romania, around 100 km, and I believe the borders were a bit different back then. Now with the EU we are like brothers anyway :) which is great especially for us who love to travel. I'm a little farther though, around 1100 km more to the SE of Romania, in Tulcea where the Danube Delta starts. So when you and your husband plan to visit the Danube Delta please let me know so I can be your host and guide. That will be nice!


You are right. I have just checked it and it's very close. I haven't realized it before even though I'm from the Eastern part of Slovakia so I could have visited Romania so many times before :)

It looks like a nice place close to the shore. I've heard a lot about Constanca when I was in Bucharest and Tulcea seems to be very close to that place.

I will definitely let you know if we would ever be there. I just hope you won't be cycling somewhere else at that time :)