Re: Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 23 – Milford Sound, New Zealand

As usual, that was quite a journey and I love all the detail you always add! I’m thankful to have missed all the tour buses. Lol! But would have loved that boat trip and a leisurely drive! I imagine that Milford Sound was named after Milford Haven in Wales. I’m heading there in a few weeks to catch up with family. Even here in the States a lot of places have a Native American name too. And there is always some interesting history behind the naming!!


Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback Diane! Really glad you enjoyed the journey here! Yes the tour buses are things that I won't miss and when I go again, I'll be hiring a car and airbnb all over the place :)

As for the naming of Milford Sound, I think you are right about that actually, I didn't research that naming of it but I remember hearing something like that when I was out there. I love the stories behind the naming and the cultural spiritual side, adds another way of thinking to everything I think :)