The Italian Beauty The Italian Shame

Doskinas @doskinasAugust 2018 · 4 min read

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This is the slightly different story about the charming country of Italy. In this first installment out of three, we will cover the dark side that really upset us… It upset us sooo much that we simply had to write about it in the first post about Italy. This post will focus mainly on Taranto and the surrounding areas but the problem we noticed here repeated across the whole Puglia region.

But before that a short prelude

Vilnius - Bari flight with Wizzair. Sitting near the emergency exit with extra leg space. So good! In addition, our neighbor is super friendly. So friendly that while we chitchatted about Italy I decided to check our flight back date… We by accident the ticket back on the same day...

With a bit of an adrenaline once we landed we rushed towards the lounge to get some wifi and buy tickets before they went sky high. We managed to buy them at a fairly low price. Went to Bari got a ticket to Taranto. Saw some palm trees and got happy with the 37 degrees and finally the hot weather. However, shortly after we were shocked that the so-called European country that prides in clean energy and landscapes, progressive mindset and a leading shining star in the world is full of trash and little respect for nature.


The shame of Italy

Now let me tell you the story of the Italian shame. We would say it was one of those rare moments when you are personally ashamed but not because of something you did but because of other people actions.

We will share it with you through the pictures taken in Taranto and areas surrounding it. However, as I mentioned earlier we saw this problem everywhere. Just for simplicity, it is much easier to demonstrate through the scope of one place.

Taranto has a hidden beauty but beauty nonetheless. The old town even if most of it is run down and half-abandoned and if you would be in South America you would not set foot there, has its charms. It has historical buildings to explore at night and frescos hiding in alleys just waiting to be found. Quiet streets with one or two picturestic cafes and restaurants. A different world from the commercial street where the majority of Italians spend their time at night.


Nevertheless, there is foulness in the air. Repulsiveness that is created by the habitants.

We do not claim to be garbage saints. Our country doesn't have the system to recycle but we are moving towards it. However, we do not leave the trash nor we pollute the environment that surrounds us.

It is very hard to understand the cultures that enjoy living in a place filled and surrounded by trash. Especially in a developed country with all the necessities to keep it clean. It is sad because I do not want to see the nature to be further incapacitated by the things that can be easily changed on a personal note.

But the Italians seem to like it. They have beaches that the rest of the world can be envious of. However, most private beaches are being kept clean. The rest is treated as a massive public ashtray. Leaving plastic bags and cigaret stubs right on the beach.

And if you walk 10 meters towards the wild beach. You can even find washing machines, car parts and etc being thrown out in heaps. And the best part of all people sunbath surrounded by all the trash.

The country has beauty, unimaginable history, and friendly people. But skewed mindset towards the environment and the land they live on. We truly hope this post will reach some of them and will open their eyes to start the change. Even if it is only one person we will be happy.


Simonas R.
Arune M.

P.s. Pictures are all originals. If you would like to copy or use them you have to get a permission from the authors.

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I am in Italian and I have to agree with your report about thrash . I have not been in Taranto but it is a problem around different part of Italy and I am almost sure that they are not only the Italian population but also the institution plus few tourists that they do not find thrash bin and leave that around. By the way beautiful beach and architecture in Italy but it is not the only one. having such beautiness


Hey. I personally really like the ancient Italian architecture that are in heaps everywhere around Italy :)! Out of the whole European historical sites I would say Italy is my number 1:). Havent seen yet the mainland Greece but I guess these two places would be the top destinations. On the other hand I believe what is lacking is the initiatives and programs from government and people to start thinking and taking care of the environment (not only in Italy but everwhere).


I agree with you. But Italy and Greece are not the only ones with European archeaolgical sites, also Spain has many of them


you had a great trip, and that is demonstrated by your photographs


You had a great trip,
And that is demonstrated
By your photographs

                 - merryslamb

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Thanks a lot:)


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Yeah, seeing rubbish everywhere makes me sad too. I live in Panama now and there is rubbish everywhere here. It's like no one cares.


I agree. And it is sooo sad. I mean do people enjoy being surrounded by heaps of trash?

Josua1 @josua1August 2018

That's really sad, nevertheless it's important to inform about it, because that's the first step of a lot necessary steps to change this situation.


I agree! Inform, get people to think/disagree whatever just to start the conversation. From which steps can be taken:).