When ever the word Gurgaon crosses our mind, these places are must visit.

Kingdom of Dreams 

Rightly as the word, it is like a dream come true. Have a look on the entrance.

Entrance of KOD
Entrance of KOD

Isn't it pretty?

Kingdom of dreams is a bunch of things to do place, it has theatres and the shows over there are just speechless. The best part of Kingdom of dreams(KOD) that I really like that when you enter you see a huge area where different states are quoted in different style and you get their cuisine. Like In lucknow department, you will get served like you are in lucknow, the food the flavours all will be from lucknow. It has so beautiful things to buy that you will end up your money, but not shopping. This is the best place for all the age groups and also for photography, its amazing.


Even if it is so dark outside, the roof of the inside is covered with artificial clouds and they look adorable.

If you are a foody like me, then this place is for you.


Cyber city or cyber hub is a go to place, you have so much places to eat over there.

It is a beautiful place, it has pubs, alot of cafes and restaurants, some brand showrooms, and this place is worth an evening. If you ever visit gurgaon, do visit cyber hub and spend a beautiful evening over there.

If you are a club lover, this place is yours.

Sector 29 market

Sector 29 market is filled with clubs, bars,pubs, cafes, restaurants, it is absolutely amazing. You get the best brewed beer over here with the best options for snacks. It has some amazing rooftops options.

These are the 3 places that I highly recommend visiting, they are amazing.