I am actually very scared of darkness, I may show that I am strong, but deep down I am actually very scared of darkness and strangers too. I remember I cannot sit in my balcony if nightguard passes by, I don't know why I know him, I give money myself but when it comes that someone is passing by at night, that's a fear to me. I cannot go to upstairs alone at night, I am even sometimes scared of shadows, so I prefer not to see any shadows.

So, it was my vaccations and I used to love to go to my nanu's place, those days of my vaccation are priceless, fresh air, white butter and obviously my nanu. So, me along with my cousin sister, we planned to go an spend about 5 to 6 days in Ambala,India. I somehow convinced my dad and as per the planning, we had to take 7 am bus from the bus stand. But due to some issue, that day only bus was going t 5pm. So we thought to take up the bus and we will reach by 9. But On the way, there was a huge traffic and we gotlate by 2 hours so we reached Ambala bus stand at 11 pm at night.

Breath taking moment

That area was somehow rural area and all around, we could just see mens, workers, drunk people and no women literally no women, we were all alone. No autorickshaw driver was ready to drop and like everyone passing by was seeing us in disgusting way, my phone battery got drained and nanu's home was about 20 minutes away. It was winter's time and we couldn't see anyone to help. It was foggy some distance ahead. We asked a lot of like seriously a lot of drivers, even we offered to give double amount. one driver came to us and asked us about the destination but he was looking drunk and we denied, he started following us, saying that I will drop you. That moment my fear rises up to a high level, I couldn't understand what to do.

We met a stranger

We were really tired of travelling and asking out a lot of people for help but no one was ready. So an autorikshaw driver was passing by and he came to us and he spoke to me that "you are gera uncle's granddaughter,right?"

Those words were actually a light of ray or hope for me, I said yes. He asked me about the situation and he was moving in the opposite direction but he asked us that he can drop us, We said yes like within seconds, I asked him that how do you know me, so he told me that gera uncle (my nanu) actually helped him to buy autorikshaw, he was kind enough to help me with the down payment and what is he now, is only because of my nanu and he has seen my picture on my nanu's whatsapp status. So we sat in the auto rickshaw and he drove us to my nanu's place. The way was so scary, no street lights, all dark around. When we reached at the place, my nanu thanked him and gave him extra money.
And we had a lot of fun 6 days. And we came home safely.

all roads in ambala looks like this.
all roads in ambala looks like this.