We was invited to a function in Dehradun by my dad's friend. So later those days, my nanu (mom's dad) was not well, so we made a really small trip to Mussorie and Dehradun,just me and dad. so basically the plan was, we will directly go to mussorie first and then we will attend the function. 


So for those, who don't know much about India. Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station with amazing scenic views. This is an amazing tourist place specially for the snow fall time. So went mussoorie not for the mussoorie view but for Dhanaulty. It is around 24 kms far from mussoorie and no doubt, an amazing place. You need to take taxi to go there. So In the morning, we headed towards the taxi stand, but each of the driver denied to go there as we were only two, so the minimum they take is 4 people. So they asked us either to wait for another two person or you can come early morning, so you can adjust. But we had only a day for dhanaulti as per the plan, so we decided to wait for another 15 minutes if by chance we can get lucky.

So in about 10 minutes, we saw two men at the counter, so we wentto talk to them and they agreed. They were very humble.

Way to dhanaulti

As we started, after we reached some height, that was a breathe taking moment, it was absolutely amazing. The view and some slow songs were making it more than perfect.

This was the view the whole tim.
This was the view the whole tim.

How can someone not fall in love with this view? I just wish the someonw leave me here with no one around, it would be perfect.

A humble stranger

So when we reached, we were given 2 hours by the driver so that we can move back before it's dark as it's risky at night. So me and dad went for some photoshoot and we played so much with the snow. Someone very intelligent said that when you are very happy, something bad happnes. and guess what? That intelligent is me who have said the same thingto myself a hundred times, I don't know why always my happiness hurts me. So we were playing and we had maggie, So while playing with the snow, there was a big piece of a broken beer bottle, I don't know why people are so dumb. So while picking up the snow, I had abig cut on my palm, literally a very big cut and the blood was not stopping at all, so the place where we had maggie, that person have limited water to cook but instead of thinking about his sale he put some cold water on my hand but the blood would just stop for seconds only and the driver was continuously calling us to go back, So I told dad let's move, we will do something in mussoorie. So we reached at our taxi place so the two person who came with us were there, So among them, one of them also had a cut but not too big a small one and he even had bandages with them but just for one person. So instead of bandaging his own hand, he gave me the first aid kit. I denied like so many times but he sticked to own words and he said that you are just like my sister and I cannot see my sister in pain. Those words of him were so kind. Eventually he had a hankerchief with him so he adjusted with that. I never thought such people exists.

Some of the beautiful view