Re: Let's travel together #112 - Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall)

Such a unique place and no bacteria is unheard of! Well, I do know that it has been tested and test there and it is true, but, unheard of anywhere else.

I wonder if there is any scientific evidence of the health benefits for those that have certain ailments?

As always, the scenery is amazing and your writing is superb. I love reading your posts! Thank you so much! It kind of reminds me of the pilgrimage I made for holy water, for my grandmother.



Thank you so much! And indeed is something incredible that I also haven't heard before or in any other place!
Don't know about the evidence of the health benefits of those who drink from this place but there are sure a lot, especially that any other water has bacteria. There sure is a difference which is being felt during the time. :)