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Almost a month ago my friend and I spend some time in Cancun before we flew to La Paz in Mexico. We stayed at a nice hotel in the city centre and had a car to get around.

Cancun is a nice hotspot to party, going to the beach and trying all the nice restaurants and bars around the city. It is really touristic. The prices are a little higher than in other towns more inland.

Croco Cun Zoo, what we have seen!

Today I am going to talk about the Croco Cun Zoo outside of Cancun. It is located 30 minutes down the highway to Tulum. It is kind a hard to catch the right highway exit. It is located near Puerto Morelos.

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This is not a regular Zoo more an interactive one. You can connect with the animals and the nature in a guided tour and see crocodiles, parrots, deers, monkeys, birds and more. Since it is only possible to visit the Zoo with a guide you will have the chance to come really close to the animals and even hold them. This are all local animals in a natural environment. The most important question is, how can we protect them?

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First we saw that beautiful colourful parrrots. They are really beautiful and possible to hold.

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Later on we passed by crocodiles which are laying around all they long and continued to see cute deers to pet and feed. There is a possibility to buy a feed bag with little food but we didn't use one.

The Zoo also has large snakes, turtles and more. The tour costs around 30 dollar which is kind of high. But the work they do is really nice. It will take around 60 minutes to get around and ask questions.

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It is definitely worth a visit. I know that 30 dollars are a lot of money in Mexico but still a nice day trip.

So go to the Croco Cun Zoo to get to know more about these vulnerable species!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked the pictures I took of those beautiful animals.

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