It is not difficult to find natural tourist attractions in the Yogyakarta area (Indonesia). Especially natural tourism which is spread over four districts. From Kulon Progo to Gunungkidul, they have their own uniqueness. There is one tourist spot in Bantul where natural preservation of the surroundings is still well preserved.


Lush trees and clear river water will make visitors feel at home to linger. Grojogan Lepo has a natural pool that visitors can use to swim or soak in the water that flows from the hills of Bantul.


Grojogan, in Javanese means a small waterfall. In Grojogan Lepo there are 3 mini waterfalls and 4 natural pools. The word 'Lepo' stands for Ledok Pokoh. Ledok means valley and Pokoh is the name of the village where Grojogan is located. More precisely, it is located in Pokoh Hamlet, Dlingo sub-district, Bantul.

Getting to Grojogan Lepo from downtown Yogyakarta takes about 1 hour by driving 25 km to the southeast. When you arrive at entrance to the area, you will be charged IDR 2,000 for retribution and IDR 2,000 to 5,000 for parking. The parking area is in the yard of residents. From the parking area, visitors need to walk about 100 meters to Grojogan Lepo location.

The topography in Lepo is a river with a small terraced waterfall. The river bed is karst or limestone. So that from a distance, the clear water surface of the natural pool looks turquoise. The water condition seems to bewitch visitors to throw themselves in. The depth levels of the 4 natural pools vary. Starting from half a meter to 2 meters.


The first pool has a depth of up to 2 meters. Often used for adults and teenagers to swim. In this first pool, a bamboo platform is provided if you want to jump from above.

The favorite pool is the second, because it is exotic. The edge of the pond is composed naturally of limestone and surrounded by lush trees. At the end of the pool there is a mini waterfall whose water continues to flow even though the dry season. The depth in this second pool reaches only the adult's back. Visitors can rent a tire inflator for Rp. 5,000 until satisfied.


The naturally formed small cliff wall is unique to the third pool. The depth is only up to the knee. So it will be clear the limestone deposits that form the riverbed.


Then the fourth pool is the bottom. Has a depth almost the same as the first pool with a narrower area. However, during the dry season there is little water. The facilities at Grojogan Lepo are quite adequate. There are toilets, changing rooms and a prayer room built semi-permanently from bamboo and wood.

It is said that Grojogan Lepo in Dlingo is similar to Erawan waterfall in Thailand. Not bad, you don't need to pay a lot to enjoy natural nuances like in Thailand. In Indonesia there are also many amazing 'hidden' natural tourism potentials.