I know I know.

This post has been long over due but life happens and I have been super swamped with everything that is happening on this blockchain. So much happening it actually needs time of its own to internalize.

That aside,if you have managed to watch my LA Pedriza Vlog, then feel free to skip along, unless you are a sucker for great views then I'd suggest reading on.

Better later than never right?

I will still hold my end of the bargain and share with you guys how this experience went. It was one of my very first "local visits" here in Madrid. I and my host family and a couple of their friends took this trip to the mountain side and I could easily say it is still one of my best experience's so far here in Spain.

I love nature. Back home in Kenya we are very much integrated with it, I think if you watch my videos them you probably know what I am talking about. I love being around plants, beautiful flowers {though there were none here, but there were some pretty amazing tress),rocks(there were plenty of those here), and basically anything else that screams *nature*

The walk to the top of the rocks is abit long, but isn't that the beauty of hiking? Maybe it isn't that long and I was/am just unfit, but at some point I was so exhausted and heavy panting, I did fine though. The beauty of nature and the environment that surrounds it may have taken some of that pain away. I have never really been one to exercise, something I should really look into, but getting to the end of this walk way super amazing.

I have to say however, the photos I share with you barely do this place any justice, you have to experience it first hand to truly appreciate the beauty that is La pedriza.

I may have forgotten to mention there is also a very loud, heavy river, very soothing. Perhaps on my next video here on this blockchain will be that, so you can look out for that. The water was extremely cold since it was unfrozen water from the mountains,but you don't go to the river and not touch the water right?

The Icing on the cake?

Definitely the *paella* we had before having this long hike. My first real, local Spanish food prepared by an elder Spaniard and it was absolutely yummy! I still crave some more every-time I look at these photos. It was more oily than I would have expected it, but I guess that's what made it super delicious.

People also bring their pet dogs here for the hike, I can't tell you how many breeds of dogs I experienced, some I had never seen before to be honest. It's very nice especially by the little man made beach. Kids play with their pets as parents picnic or have lunch. How cute are these?

Here's some amazing views from some of the gigantic rocks. With my little helpers at the back photo bombing as always🤦‍♀️😂 Isn't it beautiful?

Definitely a place I would recommend for anyone looking to re-connect with nature, to meditate, to exercise, to picknic, nature photography or just anyone who enjoys hiking in different places. This place has no capacity for disappointment, trust me.

The best part of getting to the top is being able to see the carpet of forest trees. This photos really don't do this place justice, you have to experience it first hand to appreciate the magnitude of this place's beauty.

 Happy Exploring Everyone :) <3