Top of the Week Everyone!

Hope Ya'll having a great end of the month. I spent the last weekend out and about Madrid in search of summer wear, great food and amazing views. I can't say enough how great it feels to finally be able to walk outside, even though wearing masks in this heat is not the most fun, I have to say it's way better than being stuck in the house. Indeed, this pandemic has taught us to fully appreciate the small things in life that we may have previously taken for granted.

On this expedition, I did happen to capture afew shots of the city, which is what I would like to share with you guys.

Madrid is normally a very vibrant city, and even now, we can slowly feel the life coming back to it. It's obviously not as it were before, but you can feel the optimism and the hope in people's voices and actions.

One of the things that's totally changed is, sanitizing at every store you want to go into, and of course, they don't let you in without a mask. I must have sanitized my hand like over 20 times in one shopping spree, no jokes.

2ndly, in some stores, they don't allow cloths try on's, which is understandable, but they do have room for returns incase you go home and the cloths don't fit, which is a really good touch. One store that is relentlessly practicing this is Zara, one of my all time fave stores might I add.

The Views

Without further a do, here's a couple of shots from my trip out and about, after which we sat down for some amazing weekend tapas.

The Tapas

Of course the foodie in me couldn't go back home without having some tapas!Besides, it was Weekend, all the more reason to indulge in some yummy food and alcohol!

This crispy spicy chicken was my fave! I also love how they serve potato chips everywhere , or at least in most restaurants I've been to. Not the best for those trying to maintain some weight, but for those that don't mind indulging, the best! I'm not the hugest fan of them, though I am really into other forms of potatoes,like the wedges that came with the chicken!

I don't know if you guys had of the Spanish Vermouth, but that is what I and my friend were sipping.

Vermouth is an aromatized, fortifiedwine, flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices) and sometimes colored.  

Cheers to making it through lock-down!

According to Wikipedia;

Historically, there have been two main types of vermouth: sweet and dry. Responding to demand and competition, vermouth manufacturers have created additional styles, including extra-dry white, sweet white (blanc or bianco), red, amber (ambre or rosso), and rosé.

Vermouth is produced by starting with a base of a neutral grape wine or unfermented wine must. Each manufacturer adds additional alcohol and a proprietary mixture of dry ingredients, consisting of aromatic herbs, roots, and barks, to the base wine, base wine plus spirit, or spirit only – which may be redistilled before adding to the wine or unfermented wine must. After the wine is aromatized and fortified, the vermouth is sweetened with either cane sugar or caramelized sugar, depending on the style.

I am not sure how I got home, but glad I did when I did. That drink is quite strong, I figure we must have under estimated it's alcohol percentage. All in all, we had a great 1st shopping experience after lock-down. I for sure will be enjoying every moment that I can cause indeed, nobody knows tomorrow!

How was your Weekend?


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