Is Karma Returned?

So on my trip to drop off my boy, before getting up with @brisby, I was met by some real thick fog in northern Pennsylvania. I was forced to slow down to 35 miles an hour and lost a good two and half hours of drive time. I figured we weren't going to make it all the way to Watertown before I needed to rest. So I called Bris and was hoping to sleep there. No answer.

Gotta Sleep

I decided to go past Syracuse then to whatever town or city was next and sleep. As I pulled off the interstate, there was immediately a hotel which I stopped in and asked how much a room was. $86. That was too much in my opinion, for just a few hours. So I hopped online to see what else was out there. The Red Roof Inn wasn't far and according to the search, was fairly cheap.

Finally, a Bed

I went in to ask the lady how much a room was. She said $64. Her name was Kathy and insisted on credit, though I preferred cash. As she was getting the room situated, I just started talking about how I was trying to get to upstate but the fog slowed me down and forced my weary hand. She said, "well that's stupid to pay for a room for only a few hours. Go get your stuff and meet me in room 214." So I got my boy and parked and ended up paying nothing but a hug, smile and kind words for the room that night. There are good people out there, Kathy is one of them. STeeM oN my peoples and REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, and angels appreciate it.

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