Bangladesh is land of beautiful nature but there are a few caves here. Alutila cave in Khagrachhari District is one of them. Alutila is combination of two words Alu and Tila. Here Alu means Potato and Tila means Little Hill. The little hill was produced with Potato that’s why its called Potato Hill (Alutila). And the cave is just under that hill, that’s why it named as Alutila Cave. And the name of the place is also Alutila by map. In Bengali it called ALUTILA GUHA. Here GUHA means Cave. Another name of Alutila Cave is Alutila Mysterious cave. Whole area is abounded with hilly area and top most view of the beautiful Khagrachhari district. And the whole city can be easily seen from this hill (Arbari Hill or Alutila) at a glance very easily.

We are all together

The length of the cave is about hundred meters. Anyone can move from bottom to top or reverse. Five or six people can move through the cave at a time thus you can idea about the width and height. Height is very much variable. Somewhere it is men height of 6/7 feet and somewhere it is about 10 feet. Almost whole cave is dark. You need to bring torch light or flambeaux to pass through it. Most of the time cold water is passing from top to bottom of the cave. So, the inside is very sleeper that’s why it’s dangerous as well. So, tourists should be cautious. One of our mates slept there but fortunately water flow was little there that’s why he was safe. Many species of Bats and insects live around the cave.


The place is located at Matiranga upazila of Khagrachari District in Bangladesh. Khagrachari District is the part of Chittagong Division and a hilly district of Bangaldesh out of three. Most of the people of Khagrachari are indegeneous people. There are some bengali people here in this district as well. From matiranga there are availble vehicle and zeep to reach that mysterious cave.

Going to the entrance of the cave

In the entrance of the cave

Short Description of Our Journey

It was summer. We had a plan to visit that hilly district for three days with some of my frinds. It was the second spot of that tour of three days. First, we have visited **The Horticulture Park **which i have shared in my earlier post then moved to this **Alutila Cave. ** Both place are in the Khagrachari District and not far from each other. After park visit we get back to the cave on the same car and on the same day.

The sorrounding area of the cave is well decorated and a charming looking hilly area. Sorrounding the cave there are some man made and natural forest. Differnet varieties of plants have been cultivated in the low laying area of hill. Thus, the area become very beautiful in the point of view of natural place. Stair has been made there by the tourist authority to facilitate the going to the lower part of the cave where the entrance of cave.

Inside the cave

Returning from the cave

We gradually went to the lower part of the cave following the Stair by capturing some photographs and gossiping. Then collected some flambeaux from the local sellers. We moved to the cave and it was quiet dark. Water was flowing through the cave. We were moving carefully as it was very slippery inside the cave under the water. Whole passage area is not regular enough, most of part is irregular. We have found some kinds of bat and birds inside the cave while passing trough this slippery passage. For most of us, it was very first experience into a cave. We have enjoyed this journey a lot. In this way, we have completed our cave journey and took some photographs in the hole of cave. We have visited the surrounding area of the cave as well and there found man made forest and cultivating of different varieties of trees. Whole area is a charming place with some noise from surrounding birds. There is a nice Juice Corner where we have found varieties of juice made with natural fruits.

Some features of that Place: 

  1. Manmade and natural forest
  2. Well decorated place
  3. Gardening around the cave
  4. City can be seen from the ALUTILA
  5. Natural Cave
  6. Charming of different birds
  7. Pleasant and Mind Cooling place.
  8. Nice juice bar near the cave

Some Photographs