Any natural environment always fascinates us and that’s why we go back to the natural environment again and again. Who doesn't like to see the amazing scenery of nature! It is a natural human instinct to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. Whenever I get time and opportunity I feel and go to nature. Nature's elements like water, wind, mountains, rivers, seas, sky, plants, etc. attract us. Today I will share about one of such traveling to nature with my friends in the hilly areas of Bangladesh. I hope you like it.

Journey Plan

Bangladesh is a wonderful country surrounded by greenery. There are rivers, canals, beels, hills, mountains, forests and many more in this country. This country surrounded by greenery which is really very beautiful. And thus, the tourism sector in Bangladesh is improving day by day. There are three hill districts in Bangladesh and these districts are Khagrachhari, Bandarban and Rangamati. Today I will reminisce on the Rangamati trip. We planned to visit Rangamati with some of my friends. Due to the fact that Rangamati is a hill district, especially in the monsoon season, the clouds in the hilly region are at the foot of very high hills. As a result, tourists do not want to miss the opportunity to catch the cloud with their hands. We also took the opportunity to catch the clouds.

On Journey Day

We were going to Rangamati from Chittagong. The road was very beautiful and dangerous of course. On the way there are numerous crooked voices and ups and downs. So different vehicles and different skilled drivers are needed to travel in hilly areas. We also rented a specific jeep from there to find out. Our journey along the mountain path was extremely enjoyable. On the way we sang songs and enjoyed the amazing beauty of the mountains. The beauty of the mountains could not have been understood without seeing them from so close. Whenever you have to walk on a hilly road, you can understand how dangerous and difficult the situation is in the mountains. We reached our destination in two hours and that is Ruilui Para (Ruilui Village). On the journey of two hours we saw the amazing beauty of hills. Ruilui Para is a very important tourist destination in Rangamati district. We had already booked the hotel so there was no rush. As soon as we got out of jeep we went to the hotel. The day was almost over to be fresh and to have a light meal. Then we go out to see the beauty of the afternoon. Since it was raining, the clouds were running here and there again and again. How captivating it is to see this view from the top of the hill. We were at the top and the clouds were at the bottom. That's why it's a different feeling. I have never seen such a beautiful scene in my life. We were all enjoying the view and the bustle in the clouds. When evening came, I went out to have tea in the next market. Suddenly I was surprised when the surroundings went dark. At first, I didn't understand anything. Later, when I saw that the situation was getting very cold and after a while this dark fog disappeared again, I realized that a sudden cloud came and drenched us. In this way, our day passed by watching the clouds move. I felt a different kind of joy when I went to sleep at night because the atmosphere was very cold even on a hot day

Next Day

In the next morning I woke up and went out to see the sunrise. There was cold air all around. And in this cold air, the environment looked so beautiful. It is very healthy to be able to walk in the morning in such a cold environment. So, none of us wanted to miss this opportunity. We start our walk long before sunrise. Tourists in the vicinity are also slowly leaving. There we all climbed to the top of a hill from where the sunrise was very beautiful. From then we continued to walk. Ruilui neighborhood we turned around completely and came back to our hotel again. Breakfast was already ordered. We all ate breakfast together as seen in the picture. It is well known that it is very difficult to find food in mountainous or remote areas. So high quality food is not available in these tourist centers. We ate fried eggs with khichuri (A food made with rice and Dal). After a lot of walking in the morning, this food looked a lot like nectar. Since everything here is fresh and fresh, the food was also fresh and fresh.

We stay there till about noon and enjoy the amazing beauty of the area. We have seen different types of valleys where clouds were moving. It looks very beautiful when I see some clouds stuck in the folds of the mountain. It was constantly trying to move forward but it can't. We capture important moments on our cameras as we wander and jog. I have never felt that the mountains are so huge and so high. If I hadn't been in such a beautiful place, I probably wouldn't have realized that the mountains are so beautiful. Thus ends our journey through wandering. At noon we came back in the same jeep. On the way, I enjoy the natural beauty once again.

Here are some clips of that tour

Currently critical situation is going on due to corona virus and COVID 19. In this situation it is not possible to go out or go around so I can't make any plan. But I wish I could run again to see these captivating beauties of the mountains again hopefully whenever I get a chance. Thanks for Stopping by.

Who I am

I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express my ideas and learnings to this community so that anyone can be benefited from me. I blog in YouTube, DTube and Hive on Textile, Online Money making and Random topics. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to go to the moon with this great community.

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