Re: Blocktrades + TravelFeed SteemFest⁴ Ticket Giveaway

...great project and also great contest! I m not capable to come to Bangkok this year, I won’t join the sure that I will support travelfeed the best I m possible...right now, as I m still getting in n the whole blockchain thing, pls don’t expect top much, sorry..but I will work hard to be able soon to help and throw in my energy in your and, without saying, in the steem-blockchain...up..follow you...resteemed...thx!...steem on...


Thank you so much for your support … when did you sign up for Steem? Also feel free to join our Discord Server, we have a Steem Help section there and someone is always online to answer questions.


.. thank you very much!...signed up nov2016....but had and still have Not much time to get in slowly I m taking more and more time free from work and children to spend it learning about pi and crypto generally...and improving my English of course..good thing well done takes its time...steem on..and will join discord..