Iceland Crater Drive By (Day 2 End)

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· May 2018 · 4 min read · Iceland · #iceland

After the geyser there were still two places left to go! You'd think that after the geyser nothing else would be able to top it.

And you'd be right. On top of that the snow was really starting to pick up. But we made the most of it.

The Disappearing Waterfall

The first stop was some supposed "secret waterfall" that was on some strange side roads.


This is the road.

The navigation was not very precise and we were lucky to stumble upon some fellow travelers that were just parking. We saw them disappear into a trail and decided to park and follow along.


This is the trail.

As the snow picked up, as we walked we thought to try using an umbrella. That turned out to be a dumb idea.


Nevermind the umbrella. What's that in the bushes?

The folks we were following disappeared. And as we followed the footprints we were lead to a dead end. (Cue spooky music).


Barbed wire fence with some scary messaging and a river in the distance. I wonder what the place we were going to would have looked at that day...

Bruarfoss Waterfall is that place. Wow, click it... It probably would have been quite a view in the snow. Sounds like the route we took wasn't quite correct. Ah well we had our bit of adventure.

We gave up and went to the next location.

The Crater

Kerið - the volcanic crater, now dormant.

We saw that there was a parking fee and almost didn't enter, because we were cold and it was getting windier and colder. But we're here, so let's try it out!

The first thing that struck me was a distinctive red color and I was fascinated with its contrast with the snowy dull whites that were all over. Felt like snow on Mars.


Just a few steps from the entrance of the park, we saw the inside of the crater.


If you look closely you can see people right at the bottom of the crater, next to the frozen lake in the center. This place has a trail that circles the frozen lake at the bottom of the crater, and a trail that circles along the top edge of the crater.

We were freezing so we just took a selfie and ran back to the car.

I wish the weather was better because this looks to be an amazing place to hike. Isn't that view incredible?

Chilling at the Farm

And that was it! Drove to the farm we would be staying the night at, and it was nice and cozy. There was a kitchen, so we were able to cook a nice warm meal! Actually the brother in law did most of the cooking since he has quite the talent. I think I just cut onions.


These are Langostines.

This seems to be a specialty of the northern countries. They're basically like small lobsters and look like giant shrimps. We got these frozen at Costco, and they were delicious. First pan fried and then thrown into a seafood noodle soup. A perfect way to soothe our cold bodies.


The feast.

You'll see the big pot of soup in the back, leftover Costco pizza (microwaved, ew), seared scallops (also from Costco), Costco rotisserie chicken, and Icelandic Coke. Icelandic Coke is bottled in Iceland and made with real sugar and magical Icelandic tap water. It was very nice (like the popularity of Mexican Coke). We stuffed ourselves silly, and went to bed satisfied, dreaming about what exciting adventures were yet to come...

And the journey continues here.




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First of all ... maybe I've missed the explanation in all of this, but why in the world did you choose to go to Iceland when it's still snowy and basically winter? (This doesn't look like much fun to me at all.)

I thought it would have warmed up a bit by then. Turns out it's quite unpredictable. Although more likely is that I just didn't do my damn research hahaha.... I probably would have waited a few more months maybe.... Anyway, it's done and you can enjoy the feeling from the warmth of a computer now!

Did you collect some of the red sand/rocks? That would have been something I would collect as a trip memory.
I do not know how you can eat so much seafood. I can't even deal with the funky smell.

Hum. I have heard about that, but I'm okay without. I ended up getting some "volcanic salt" though which has different color haha.

And seafood? I love seafood! But yeah, it's possible to be sick of that eating nonstop though.

Yeah the food looks good but I'm so over snow haha.
Would have been awesome to explore though :)

Yeah. May need to come when it's "summer".

Hmmm, do you always eat with chopsticks?

The volcano seems fascinating. I want to see it someday, and other volcanoes. I don't know why I like them so much, even if they're dormant. :P I guess that it's a thrill to be able to be beside something that has spewed boiling magma.

The red colour adds so much to the composition! I wonder what mineral that is, because it's gorgeous and I want a little piece of that ore to carry around and look at and wonder about natural beauties. <3

Thank you for sharing these beauties and curiosities from your trip, Eon. I really love seeing all your pics and reading the narration of your journey. :)

You are welcome! Yeah, most of the time we eat with chopsticks, though here restaurants here won't have chopsticks haha, so we do without.

Volcanos are pretty awesome, I agree. Don't want to be around one that is spewing it though, that could be dangerous.

What a site the crater is my favorite. I'm not sure if I can walk that long with the cold. Hahahha!

Langostines, never saw them before. I thought they were shrimps at first but looked at them closely and saw the difference. Nice feast with a good cook! You must have been super full!

There were a lot of us, so just comfy full. The crater we spent the shortest amount of time on because of how cold it was haha. But it was very cool to see. Took the selfie and ran, ya know.

Hahhaha I know... It's like Pic and Run... ^^ Still it's beautiful! Great Shot!

Ohh those lobsters looks nice and would have felt great on hot soup!! perfect for cold weather.

I had to laugh when you said you followed some people and well since you wrote this and got home they were not axe murderers aahhahahah

that seemed like a scene for one of those slasher movies with the ominous sound hahaha

Yeah, that's exactly why we craved soup that night. Cold cold cold!

Glad I got the intended effect for the disappearing travelers hahaha.... could be that they were the victims o.O

wow! i really love this and the soup looks delish! you all seemed to do tons of traveling around too .. here i thought you were just on your phone the entire time. ahahahahah yay!!! great blogs on iceland ... love them all! xo

Well you know I was doing both! Still can enjoy the ride hahaha. Looks like we both have frozen waterfalls lately.

yeah that is some serious multitasking. LOL!!! yeah tons of frozen water. :)
i loved the clarity of yours and the bubbling stuff. very awesome.

strange to say it but cozy weather. or as we say it i Norway its no bad weather just bad clothes. now a want to eat shrimp to :)

I just had some shrimp last night haha. Way easier than these things cause the shell of these mini lobsters are still hard.

Nice pics! I love the reflection in your wife's sunglasses; it looks likes she's doing sarcastic side-eyes at the whole place :D

I think you should go to the Wiki page and update it with the 'Disappointing Waterfall' comment lol.


Huh? Disappointing? :Z
I don't see the sarcastic face though. Still smiling. Maybe I need to tilt my head to see it.

OMG I misread that! It was 'disappearing waterfall'. Sorry XD I read with my backstory of disappointing tourist experiences glasses on.

Ah, can't you see the side eyes in the reflection? Yes she looks happy. Maybe it's just me that smiles when I'm being sarky ;)


Wow! First I can't believe the size of that crater! Incredible. I am dying to go to Iceland one day. I can't wait to read the others.

A Costco in Iceland? How comforting. Your food pics and descriptions made me hungry and more interested than ever. Moving to the next one-

It was certainly incredible. And the Costco was comforting :). Plenty more posts to come!