Iceland Day 3, Waterfall Number 3

eonwarped @eonwarpedMay 2018 · 3 min read

Ah, another day! Another round of fun sights!

The night before it snowed lightly again.


This is the view outside the kitchen window. There was a frozen pigeon lying belly up outside as well, but I'll spare you the view (I didn't take a photo of it).

As we packed up the snow was falling lightly again. It was fun to catch the snowflakes, especially in this next one.


And off we drove! Where we would go, I did not know! Because I was just happily tagging along.

The previous day we had been seeing many horses around the area, and there was a spot right next to several of them and we were excited to go meet them.


Well I wasn't too excited about it but it was fun to capture their excitement. I will admit they are quite beautiful though. And hardy to just be chilling like this in the snow all day.

Shortly after, we made it to the waterfall. This one is called Seljalandsfoss.


This is the view from the parking lot. There are many cars and even tour buses, a very popular spot, like the first falls we visited.


A slightly colorized view as we walk closer to the falls. In the next few

The next few will be animated and show the falls at different angles.


I really like how the snow and the water are falling together.


Falling to the bottom and misting the place up. And look at the tiny side sibling waterfalls!


From the side. There's a path that goes to the back of the falls but we opted not to, and just enjoyed the view from the outside.


That last shot was taken from the top of these treacherous stairs. After we carefully walked down I took a shot of the stairs with the falls. Luckily none of us slipped.


Before we left we walked a bit to the side, and found a smaller waterfall, drawing much less of a crowd, but still magical.


And that's me with the waterfall, with a goodbye photo. I'm not sure what expression I have there.

But the cold feel of these photos reminded me that we saw some folks wearing spring dresses taking photos here. I suppose that would make for some fun pictures though. Brrrrr!

Anyway, that's it for now. Until next time! Another waterfall coming up!




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love this, so amazing! the GIFS are great and are just enough. you do a great job at that and the photos of you both are just adorable. the water looked cold cold cold ... and it was snowing. Ugh! can you imagine if that water was hot spring water? whoa


I like the smell of hot springs. You mean the smell right? Or do you mean, imagine if that was warm water and you can bathe in it.... Yeah..... That does sound nice!


yes the imagine warm
water and bathing or soaking under the waterfall. :)


Love the waterfalls. So glad there are people like you who share their journey. I really hate cold places, this way I can enjoy the view and stay warm :)


Gosh they are some fabulous photos you got - I bet it was awful cold lol. I agree the pics with the snow falling and the water falling at the same time are pretty awesome :) Thanks for sharing !


The waterfalls are sweet but BRRR hahaha <3


i aboslutely love iceland and these are different views from the sites that i went to. i also went in summer so it was a bit less snowy :) the gifs are awesome btw!



Still snowy in the summer? I bet the colors were more varied though :)


Super cool :) I didn't know that you could have horses walking about during these snowy days, but it only makes sense. I'm also surprised to see so much running water beside so much ice. Why isn't it frozen? :O (Because of the motion, perhaps? But I've seen frozen rivers and streams. :O)

Really cool pics <3 It's a very exotic place to go to.


Yeah I think it is warming up a bit. Frozen waterfalls are really cool to see though. And even those have water flowing behind it sometimes. I don't think I ever saw one in person yet though.


There was a frozen pigeon lying belly up outside

And this is your choice for a vacation spot? Oh, well. For the pigeon at least it's over.


I think it builds character. Or something like that. Yeah it goes on forever.....


Such a beautiful part of the world not much of a fan for cold weather but this looks amazing. The only falls I've seen in are Niagara and Cumberland falls. Beautiful images!


I still haven't been to Niagara falls even though it's kind of close (well... 9 hours).. that is on my list though... One of these days.....


That's pretty much what it's like here. Although now, spring has finally come and most of the snow has melted except for the more shaded areas. And this weeked we will be back to freezing again for a short time. So what do you think of the cold? Would you be able to deal with long winters?


Does New York count or is that not cold enough :P. Otherwise the answer is definitely no! Haha...


Not sure how cold it is in New York, I know you sometimes have snow over there...


Beautiful Iceland! I have a friend that lives there and it is just breathtakingly beautiful. Love the waterfalls and that you have them in short video form - lends greater visual impact and feeling to what it's like being there.


Yeah! I'm happy with how they turned out as well. Thanks for stopping by :)