After the glacier hike, we still had half the day to go. The plan was to make a stop at a popular vista point along a river and then negate all of our hard earned calorie burns with a treat at a restaurant specialising in Langostines.


This is the Glacier Lagoon. It is a very popular spot and a place to see lots of floating ice in the river. This last shot shows the view towards the outlet into the sea with the bridge passing overhead.


In this shot you can see more of the ice, as well as tourists getting up close and personal with the cute ice chunks.


And saving the best photo for last, with some added effects. Looks like a platformer game in an ice world. Or busy ice traffic. Either way, probably not a good idea to try and hop across the ice.

After visiting that we drove a bit to the restaurant.


Langostines! It was tasty, but I don't want to talk about how expensive that was and how not filling it was. Huff! We had to supplement that with bread and some other junk food.

The place we went was called Humarhöfnin Veitingahús if you were curious, and it seems relatively well known.

We saw a couple come in dressed all fancy in wedding getup. Apparently it's a thing for couples to come to Iceland and drive around to take wedding photos. Which kind of makes sense given how beautiful things are here but that seems like way too much effort.

After that, we ended the day at the hostel.


There was a beautiful horse which we took a photo of with a nice background.


And with the sunset as well!

That's all for now, thanks for following along this Iceland series so far! I've so far linked each post to the next, and will continue to do so. But if you want to jump to the beginning, here's a link.

And the journey continues here...




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