Fairy tale in Krasavino

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Winter can embellish any landscape, and frost enhances the effect of fabulousness tenfold. In Krasavino, where there are a lot of elevation changes, on the slopes of which high spruces grow, in winter everything turns into a fairy tale.

Adds color and comfort a variety of different stairs with railings.

And the houses here are like toys.

Lapinka has long been frozen and overgrown with willows.

The longest staircase leads to the Hillfort - a neighborhood on a high hill.

On the hill, as in other places, everything is in the snow.

The territory of my grandmother's house is completely overgrown...

And the house is increasingly falling into decay...

Only the bathhouse does not change.

The road has long become a path.

Smoke as pillar - to frost!

When I passed by this house, dogs spilled out of me from behind the fence with barking.

Around silence. It seems that nature is lurking in anticipation of some of its regular manifestation.

Nature has glossed over and watched from the side, as we admire her creations.

There is something to admire!

Someone is just looking at this beauty, and someone is trying to catch by camera on the matrix.

Tale is everywhere! This state of nature does not bother. It is a pity that all this will be replaced sooner or later by another state, most likely less presentable.

In the forest is even quieter. The silence is so strong that it even begins to press.

There is a feeling that time does not exist at all.

As if there is simply a cyclic process of birth and death of cells, atoms, molecules, but time is only invented for convenience of reference of this process.

Time cannot be seen, touched, felt. Time is made up by man. There is no time!

There are a lot of such physical units, which are invented only to simply make our lives easier.

...Fresh air is something strongly influenced my perception of the environment.

Maybe the Highlanders were wise for a reason? There is always fresh air, so the mind is clear.

Fir-trees spread their paws so widely that you can hide under them like under a roof.

For a long time I did not go to the cottages on the forest path!

The narcotic effect of fresh, frosty air begins to let go.

It is time to descend from heaven to earth, that is, from a hill to a valley.

Canon 6d, Ef 17-35 / 2.8L

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