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Glebovo is a village in the Kichmengsky-Gorodetsky district of the Vologda region.
This village was lost in the snow captivity between the village of Zakharovo and Vaganovo. You can get to Vaganovo by car, and then only on foot...if you don’t have an all-wheel drive car.

All listed villages are considered conditionally residential. If a lot of people live permanently in Vaganovo, then residents visit Glebovo only in summer.

Glebovo can be seen from a high hill - about twenty houses are randomly scattered on the field.

It seems that the village is within reach, but it was not there! It is necessary to descend from the hill, and then rise again - through deep snow it took me more than 15 minutes.

Houses are not abandoned, but simply closed. In some places, snow traces from the snowmobile are visible, and traces from the car on the central road.

It feels as if people just buried everything at home yesterday and left.

From a distance, the village seemed much smaller.


And here is the first residential building: the porch has snow cleaned and there is no lock on the door.

The neighboring house is abandoned UAZ.

Houses in Glebovo are all in good condition.

The path is cleared to the well, so it is used for its intended purpose. Someone in the village still lives all the time!

And why not live if there is electricity?

Well, such a device is in any even non-residential village.

The most beautiful house in the village!

In the Kitch-Gorodetsky district in the villages, amazing five-wall houses with carved balconies and mezzanines are very common.

Houses a little smaller are also widespread.

When a residential village turns into a summer residence, in which people live only in summer, this is the first sign that the village will soon become abandoned.

To climb a high hill in the summer after rain - you need a tractor. To climb a high hill in winter after a snowfall - you need a tractor. To go to the next village to shop every day - you need strong legs and healthy lungs.
There are still many residential villages around, but this will not help the village of Glebovo.

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Неплохие места. Удивительно, что всё сохранилось и люди ещё там живут.