Luzhevitsa is a village in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region. It is part of the Tregubovsky rural settlement. The distance by road to the regional center of Veliky Ustyug is 29.5 km, to the center of the municipality of Morozovitsa - 21.5 km.

The participants of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of the Soviet Union Mikhail Nikolaevich Uglovsky (1911-1943) and Anatoly Efimovich Uglovsky (1923-1943) were born in Luzhevitsa.

I wanted to get into this and the neighboring village last spring, but there was little time, and I managed to go only to a sharp turn of the Shardenyi river. Since last year, nothing has changed in these places. There was appeared only a road bridge across the river. But I still went on foot. It’s not even the condition of the road, which leaves much to be desired. I like to walk, because it turns out to absorb a lot more of the sensations and impressions of the environment.

From a distance, the village meets me with a trimmed field and well-groomed territory around the first houses.

Near the house is a car. I knew that the village is inhabited, but no one lives here permanently.

A local resident told a little about the village, on which houses there are commemorative tablets and how to get into the neighboring village through the forest.

In the center of the village a completely different picture: there was no trace of grooming.

A lot of grass is around and the remaining local residents are constantly afraid of a fire in the spring.

The location of the houses in the village is chaotic and a bit cramped, but this only creates a cozy atmosphere.

Houses with signs are in different places. One of the houses is still residential, and the second has long been abandoned.

The second house with a commemorative plaque is a five-wall with a mezzanine and a balcony.

Due to residents coming here for the summer, abandoned houses have not yet been plundered, but as soon as they leave this place, there will be no trace of the village.

The village is located on the slope of a small hill, houses stand at different levels of heights.

The place is beautiful, but a little spoil the view of a thicket of grass. Some streets are even difficult to distinguish. If it’s overgrown, then to the maximum, and if it’s residential, then you need grooming. Yes, such extremes, but only in this way they work for a good picture.

The forest river Afoninka flows below the village.

I pass Afoninka along a small wooden bridge.

Nearby in the bushes there is a decrepit bathhouse...

I can imagine how fragrant smoke from a flooded bathhouse once spread across the lowlands on a quiet Saturday evening. Windless weather, the sun's rays no longer fall into the lowland. Birds escort the outgoing spring day with ringing trills. It is beauty!

...And now there are only dry bushes and a rickety building, which is vaguely reminiscent of a bath among hard-to-reach thickets.

A good trail runs through the forest from Luzhevitsa to the neighboring village of Prokopyevo.

Houses of village are visible from the small uprise. I am sure when the forest was not so dense, the view was many times better!

To be continued...