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In the center of the village Novator there is a pine grove, administration and school. In center nothing more special. In the village, all objects are located along the central and only asphalt street.

Near the school there is an abandoned five-wall house.

And then again there are two-story apartment barracks.

This area of ​​the village Novator seemed to me a little more dilapidated and a little less well-groomed.

The houses here are slightly older than at the beginning of the village.

Here, a little more bent and completely collapsed sheds.

One day this quarter completely burned down a similar house. There were victims.

A new frame apartment building was built on the site of a burnt house.

Wooden houses stand on both sides of the central road.

There is almost no brick apartment housing here. This is probably the second brick house in the whole village. The first is a hostel.

On all other streets where there are no apartment buildings there are ordinary private houses.

Residential house, which is more like a former building of some kindergarten or medical center.

If you cross the road, you will see a plywood mill.

In the courtyards across the road, everything looks more cultural.

Even better cars are standing near a well-preserved barn.

In the lowland, almost at the walls of a wood processing plant, there is a small residential quarter. Here are the same two-story apartment barracks.

The rumble of a working enterprise is heard around the clock.

In the courtyards, I was waiting for devastation, and here, on the contrary, everything is clean, cultural, nothing superfluous.

In the courtyards across the road was much more depressive.

The pattern is the same as in Veliky Ustyug: the farther from the center, the better.

Here, even the fences are even!

Pay attention to the roofs of the sheds - they are also smooth!

I still found ruin, but it was necessary to get around a lot of places for this!

A crooked fence and a leaning firewood shed - this is very little!

But the fence is bullshit! Look what a bath!

And this is already near the central road. Why so? Why not the other way around?

Porch without railings, door wide open...

And the barn is no longer so direct. Why is closer to the center getting worse?

Roads without asphalt, but quite smooth.

Novator Center has had a double impression on me and both of them are positive.
I could feel the atmosphere that I expected. I could find devastation and well-kept courtyards.

It remains to go around a couple of areas where there are apartment buildings.

To be continued...

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nilpan @nilpan6 months ago

Какие мрачные здания, особенно на первом фото. Как из произведений писателя Гоголя.