As in Veliky Ustyug, in the village Novator there is a terminus of public transport. Further the road continues, but Novator ends there. Although geographically, this means that here is the edge of the village, but the whole life of the village is concentrated here. In this place there is a descent to the entrance of plywood mill, in this place are shopping centers, through this place people go from work and to work.

The pattern works here: if the center, then there must be a very dilapidated housing.

Next to the terminus just such houses stand.

But it is necessary to move a little further, there are quite livable at home.

Although there is one suspicious hut, which seems to have been altered from some non-residential building.

As you move away from the main street, the depression departs from the pictures and turns into a usual rural look.

Peace street. There are ordinary wooden boxes for one porch.

You can already derive the formula of the classical courtyard of a wooden wooden house in the Vologda region. Street – House – Yard (playground, parking place) –Shed – Bath – Garden.

It happens that the constituent formulas are swapped.

This may depend on the type of house, how many entrances it has.

There are almost no cars in the yards either.

Behind the houses is a field, and then a forest. These are the real outskirts of the village.

The street is very quiet, no one goes and does not walk.

Remained the last neighborhood. Maybe there I will find something dilapidated, demolished...
To be continued...