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Pyatkovka is microdistrict in the village of Novator, is located on a high hill, which is the former bank of the Sukhona River.
This is the farthest microdistrict in which there are barracks, and which has recently been developing in terms of housing construction.

From the final stop up goes the usual street. From the very beginning of the ascent to the hill, a view of the plywood mill opens up.

It is difficult to estimate the height of the slope, but at the very beginning it is impressive.

If you turn around and look down, you can see the brick building of the hostel at the final bus stop.

On the way to the neighborhood only one abandoned house was caught.

Kirov Street, which leads to Pyatkovka, is very similar to the Hillfort in Krasavino, where the houses are located near a steep cliff. This is not the only street that leads to this neighborhood.

A similar arrangement of houses and the street was still in the Upper Kuzino.

Garages and sheds that are located opposite the houses, you can say, hang over the cliff.

Neighborhood Pyatkovka begins immediately with wooden huts ... and a new playground.

Houses stand on two streets in four rows. Between them, sheds, baths and all the rest that is already customary to look.

There are all kinds of houses here: one, two, and three entrances, with and without balconies.

There are even single-story apartment buildings.

The territory around them, by the way, is the least well-kept.

Most of all I was interested in houses with balconies. They look as colorful as possible. They are much less common than ordinary "wood boxes", which is already very blured eyes and do not cause any emotions.

To be continued...

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