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On my way I came across an unexpected construction of an apartment building. At first I thought that it in the shape of the letter L.

After all, even a barn near the house of the same shape.

And then it turned out that the house in the shape of the letter T.

Very well made porches around the house.

In the courtyard of a neighboring house, everything is so well-groomed that it seemed to me for a second that I was in another country.

Houses with balconies are simply gorgeous!

Hill street.

The courtyards are very spacious, the houses are in good condition.

Cars near the houses are decent.

Gardens of such houses are traditionally located in front of the windows.

It looks like a parallel street of Kirov.

Wooden bridges of incredible width, even fences, everything beautiful, new, even!

Even the house not sheathed by a lath looks very worthy!

From this neighborhood, I expected more.

I was looking for something shabby, rickety, dilapidated, half-abandoned...

Maybe you should come here in the fall or spring?

The tunnel between the barns - flashback from childhood!

Pyatkovka is a usual rural residential microdistrict where people live in houses as good as they are and equipped with courtyards.

I went around each yard and found nothing catchy.

Although no, I still found a pair of broken sheds.

And I even know the reason: here once stood the house, but because of a fire or dilapidation it was demolished.

From the house there was only a foundation, overgrown with bushes.

The result, the conclusion or postscript will not be! I already dream of these barracks, I got tired of taking pictures of them. I'm looking for something old, and nowhere is it! A pair of crooked sheds do not count. I have already traveled around the whole area and everything is relatively well everywhere. The most dilapidated housing was in the center of Veliky Ustyug.

Need to finish this documentary project. After all, the results from him already have, but I will tell about them in another post.

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С Новым Годом. Здоровья, счастья и финансового благополучия.


Спасибо большое! Взаимно!

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Still some twenty minutes left of the old year. Time to say hello to you, master of the light. Happy New Year !


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