Novator. The beginning of the village

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Novator is a village in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region. From the district center Veliky Ustyug is 6 km along an asphalt road. The population of the village is more than two thousand people. The village Novator is the center of the Samotovinsky rural settlement, located on the bank of the Sukhona River.

Novator lives through the forest - here is a large woodworking enterprise "Sveza-Novator". In general, the first plywood factory appeared here at the beginning of the 20th century, which was named Innovator, and only then a village was formed. To date, the entire bank of the Sukhona River near the village is occupied by logging and timber processing enterprises.

At large factories there are many people who are comfortable living as close as possible to their place of work. The cheapest and most quickly built housing at that time were apartment barracks. They were designed for 20-30 years of operation, but to this day people live in them.

At the entrance to Novator there is a small village-microdistrict Valga, in which besides a kindergarten, a barnyard and a shop there is nothing else.

On one side of the central road there are apartment wooden houses.

On the same side and barnyard.

There are very few houses here.

Pine is the dominant tree throughout the village.

On the other side of the road, in recent years, an entire cottage community has grown on the site of the field.

In this place there is a sign with the name of the settlement, from here begins the Novator.

There are many different barracks in the village. Houses with balconies are also present.

In the courtyard of this house is impossible to drive. Nearby there are also no places that somehow resemble a parking lot.

The entrance to the courtyard is still from the other end of the house, but you need to drive around almost the entire quarter.

Next comes the dense building houses with balconies, barns and baths.

There is no extra space in the courtyards, but there is enough space for everything, even vegetable gardens fit.

There are wooden walkways everywhere around the house. Each porch is painted and has steps.

Someone did not throw off on the paint?

The big minus of the whole village is open communications of central heating.

Plus, the state of thermal insulation is just awful.

My favorite passages between barns and baths are simply obliged to be here!

There are almost no foreign cars in the yards. The machines here are, in principle, slightly smaller than in the city.

A real barrack of the corridor type is here in a single copy and the one on the verge of demolition.

People continue to live in the semi abandoned house.

I wonder if it is warm in these houses?

On the outskirts of Novator are single-storey apartment buildings. This is the most common type of housing after the two-story barracks.

This arrangement is closer to the village than to the city. Near the house you can change the oil in the car engine.

Typical house for two apartments.

Under the windows of the garden, bath, barn, garage.

The same is with the apartment building, but there are many more neighbors.

Street light here is turned off an hour earlier than in Veliky Ustyug - at 22.00. After December 22, the streets will be lit around the clock in all the localities of the region. I already faced it - to photograph very badly.

To be continued...

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Ни одного человека на улицах. Городок, как будто весь вымер. Только в окнах ещё теплится свет, значит есть ещё люди.