Further our path must run through the forest. Surprisingly, on the top of the hill there was a connection and caught 4G internet! Closer to the forest, of course, it all disappeared. At first, the road was clearly visible, even though the windbreak forest was on.

But then the outlines of the road became hard to see. But there was no forest here and Kotovalovo was a full-fledged village in ancient times!

As usual in such places there are traces of wild animals. There is a lot of snow in the forest. The road was completely lost, but the navigator from the satellite showed our direction on the map and we came to the Kotovalka river.

There is no bridge anywhere, but it is not needed. Almost anywhere you can go through fallen trees.

We chose this log and switched here.

After Kotovalka river we long wandered through the forest, which is a continuous windbreak. There is no road anywhere, apparently we have gone astray. So we did not find anything. We decided to go back, because soaked our feet. Drifts in the forest are higher than boots! Then we went to the clearing, which is similar to the road. Again the forest river. This time we were attracted to go to another fallen log.

The atmosphere here is oppressive. If visibility is more than a kilometer in the field, it is only a few meters in the forest. And there are a lot of wild animals, judging by the tracks. It is necessary to go to such places with pilgrims... or with a gun.

When you get out of the forest, there comes relief. Even with the thought that we did not find a chapel or stones, it was still easy. In an open area, security is felt.

You need to make a fire to dry legs and cook food. There is too much dry grass in Olbovo - there is a high probability of burning the forest and the remains of houses. We had to go down the hill and look for a more suitable place.

On the side of a hill a huge fir tree of the correct form grows. Nothing prevents her from growing properly, nothing presses from all sides.

Going down the hill, we found an old fireplace. At the same place, we made a fire, dried our boots, dined and went further in the opposite direction.

To be continued...