Pervomayskoye. Life in the village

evildeathcore @evildeathcoreJuly 2019 · 2 min read

The most basic thing about the village of Pervomayskoye was already mentioned by me in the previous post. Now I want to show this place in faces and movement.

I will probably tell for the most part about the photos themselves and how they were taken.
There are some photographers who are against super wide-angle lenses, and on the contrary, I really like the widest possible viewing angle. You can come very close and at the same time fit into the frame as much as possible details. Perhaps this is due to the fact that when I started photographing on film, I had only one 35 mm lens. And then when I had a shirik 20 mm, I was just in awe of his viewing angle and distortion. Yes, and in principle, I always liked the pictures taken on a super wide-angle lens. I use this method to this day. Now I get a little from 17 mm focal length.

On the opening day and the consecration of the church in the village of Pervomayskoye there were a lot of people. Came to see both old and young.

Some people even came from neighboring villages for such an event.

Children love to play on the playground at the kindergarten.
If you want to take pictures of children, then you need them to get used to you and stop paying attention to you.

Children are generally unpretentious in choosing a place to play, and when there are still places specific to this, they are just happy.

Even during reportage photography portraits should be made.

Reporting and documentary photography includes many genres. You need to be able to take pictures of the landscape, portrait and the event itself in motion.

Also, the younger generation loves to play on the playground near the school.

At the new playground, they go less often, as it is more intended for very young children. But, I believe that it is still in demand from local residents.

It is best to take pictures of children and the elderly. They never refuse to be filmed, they rarely pose, they behave naturally.

In the next part I will tell you about the opening and consecration of the newly built temple.
To be continued...

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