Slizovitsa is a village in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region. Part of the Teplogorye rural settlement. The distance by road to the district center of Velikiy Ustyug is 76 km, to the center of the municipal entity Teplogorye is 6 km.
Today there are a little more than ten people living in Slizovitsa.

The village is located on a hillside, near the Ust-Alekseevo – Podosinovets highway. From the top point of the hill the views are simply amazing!
Visible is a church in the village of Obradovo on the other side of the river South.

Overgrown fields.

Village Ershovo.

Fuc#ing dogs...

The bus stop is located at the top of the hill, although the main part of the village is just below.

Uphill, next to the road there are three houses, two of which are panelboards for two apartments.

There is a lot of snow, so you have to clean it off so that its mass does not damage the roof.

Here is the edge of the village.

Locals go everywhere on foot, as the distances between villages are small.

All dogs are friendly.

They treat strangers quite calmly.

The village is small, and there are many pedestrians.

Yes, and people are friendly. The man who cleared snow from the roof came down to us and warmly talked about life in the village. And then he even called for fishing in the summer.

In the main part of the village, the atmosphere is even more cozy, since it is located away from the road.

Medical center, which serves several nearby villages, is still operating in Slizovitsa.

In any village, people are logging.

Residential buildings here are not as many as it seems.

The administrative building of the schoo ... or the club... now you will not understand what was there.

The spring.

These villages are beautiful all year round!

Monument to the participants of the Great Patriotic War.

Abandoned houses.

Fuc#ing dogs...

People also live in the neighboring village of Yershovo!

Here, as in Slizovitsa, panel houses stand in tandem with ordinary log houses.

The roads are cleaned, the light is on all night.

Everybody has firewood - ordinary village life!

Abandoned houses, as in all villages, are also present.

In summer, life in the villages comes to life - summer residents and grandchildren come to their grandmothers.
And in the winter snow sparkles ...

And only dogs get fuc#ed all the time...

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