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The microdistrict "Borki" in Veliky Ustyug I partially filmed in the summer at dawn as a series with reflections in puddles. There was some uncertainty left: the part seemed to have already been sealed that I don't want to return to this area, but I need to finish the work to the end.

Just the weather allowed not only to capture the old wooden houses and sheds, but also to make it beautiful. Frost on the trees has been holding for the whole week!

"Borki" is a microdistrict in Veliky Ustyug, which is located near the pine forest. The name comes from the word boron.

Housing of this microdistrict mainly consists of wooden two-story apartment buildings and an "elite" five-story brick residential area. The Borki also has a kindergarten and gymnasium. The area is promising and developing, but the development began a long time ago, so it was not without dilapidated housing.

On the trail that runs along the young pine alley, you can get through the sheds and baths into the neighborhood "Borki", namely on the Foresters Lane.

This microdistrict is one of the most bathhoused in Veliky Ustyug. Only the village Yudino will surpass it in the number of bathhouses.

There are few real two-storey corridor-type barracks in Veliky Ustyug, therefore it is difficult to call them barracks. And it is a very long time to utter and write each time an "apartment wooden two-story house". It is possible to call such houses "the improved barrack" or "the apartment barrack".

Foresters Lane locals call the Forest Street. This is easier to pronounce, and the length of the lane is longer than many streets in the city.

Asphalt roads in the neighborhood "Borki" no. Only in winter you can drive through the streets quickly and without increased wear of the vehicle's suspension.

The close proximity to the pine forest sometimes manifests itself on the streets of the neighborhood.

Arrangement of courtyards and streets here is no different from other similar places of the Veliky Ustyug.

Is that the gardens here are very few, but a lot of baths and sheds.

In the area of ​​foresters alley, all the houses are small, have one or two entrances.

There is even one very small house. As if in it only one-room apartments.

In 2012, Krasavinskaya Street burned down a huge two-story barn, and all the others who were standing nearby also suffered. Miraculously managed to defend the house.

And at this place there was once a children's dispensary... there was only the foundation.

Frost decorates even such seemingly dreary streets.

On the Pioneer st. stand the same houses as in the previous photo. There are not many of them here.

Through the courtyards you can go to the neighboring streets, as much as I love!

To be continued...

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