Veliky Ustyug is surrounded by spruce and pine forests and swamps. At the entrance to the city from any side grow beautiful pine trees. Especially in winter, they amaze guests with their fabulousness.

At the northern border of the city, where the stela stands, wooden houses were lost in the pine forest. There is a street Energetik. Previously, it was the village Energetik, but it was tidied up to the city and made a microdistrict.

Oh, if there would be brick houses here, that it would be possible to build up such a cool residential complex!

This is just a fabulous place!

Even the tired barracks do not overshadow this beautiful forest.

There is no feeling of the village, and the air is always clean.

On the street Energetik costs only three apartment buildings.

In the courtyards there is still one cottage and two one-story houses, the rest of the space is occupied by sheds with baths.

Sheds here, of course, very dilapidated.

But the baths are right in the forest!

One-story houses are located a little further from the road closer to the forest.

On the street Energetikov is very quiet, and this silence is not broken even by the presence of a nearby highway.

Energy village was named because of the closely located distribution electrical substation. Next to high-voltage lines and transformers is a residential building.

As usual, such houses were built for facility workers.

And now anyone can live there.

Abandoned barn at the fairy forest.

In this forest, a lot of photography was done and many beautiful photos were taken!

On the forest path you can go to the city to the bus station or to Kirov street.

It seems to me that the people living here are so used to this fairy tale that it became a commonplace for them.

But for me this place will always be amazing!

Canon 6d, EF 17-35 / 2.8L