The Dilapidated City. Workers st.

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Last year, I had been assigning a serial numbers to posts about Dilapidated Ustyug, this year I try to give a definite name. But often the name just does not occur, because it can be difficult to relate photos to any series.

This series of photos was taken around the “three-story” quarter as a close.

Uglovsky Street.

Classic wooden residential houses fill most of the territory of the second part of Veliky Ustyug.

Occasionally you can meet semi-detached houses.

A vacant lot at the crossroads of Workers street and Soviet avenue at the site of a demolished wooden house - an architectural monument of the 19th century.

On Soviet Avenue in the depths of the courtyards of dilapidated houses you can find huge, rickety barns, which have long been need to demolished.

Yes, and the houses themselves will soon disappear here.

If you walk down the street a little further, you can see the wasteland behind the wasteland. Dilapidated houses disappear before our eyes.

Another house on the street Workers resettled. Neighbors and homeless broke facing into firewood and finished off the house.

While the house is in such state, there remains the threat of fire.

The fire by the wooden stuff will quickly spread to the next house. Veliky Ustyug in ancient times often burned. Fire could destroy almost the entire city, since all the buildings were wooden. Now is 21st century, and in terms of fire safety, little has changed.

Such cubes can meet anywhere in the city.

And finally, again a classic house.

Canon 6d, EF 17-35 / 2.8L

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