After some rough nights, wild camping snacking on just slices of bread and fruits, it's time for us to pamper ourselves with some delicious meal. Before we arrived in this country, we have heard so much good about the pristine beach in Oman. Since Oman has a long coastline along the Persian Gulf, it is not a surprise that beaches in Oman are of the famous holiday spot for locals and also international visitors.

We chose to stay in Shangri-La Muscat for a change of environment and also because it's one of the best-reviewed beach resort/hotel you can possibly get in Oman. After being in the desert for a week, we were desperately craving for a dip into the refreshing water, to cool us down from the mid-day heat. However, besides the excellent hospitality provided by this resort, they are being recognized by their renowned barbecue restaurant and the contemporary restaurant.

In this article, I am going to bring you along to a food tour at Sultanah Restaurant. This restaurant offers an elegant yet delectable dishes with authentic Spanish cooking style. Transforming the simple yet high-quality ingredients with their creativity to a sophisticated contemporary dining experience, accompanied by the stunning views of the Persian Gulf.

Before we proceed, I must confess that the photo quality is at its best due to the low light environment. But, I tried my best to capture the food photo for you.

Have you ever wondered why restaurants served you with a warm basket of bread after you're seated? Filling you up even before you place your order sounds like already a loss to the restaurant. Well, this common hospitality practice is widely used to welcome guest into the restaurant and to serve a good impression.

As much as I love a good warm piece of bread, I'll appreciate the spreads even more. In this restaurant, we were served with the in-house made fresh relish spreads with cilantro with a sweet, savory and sour flavor. Followed by the mashed black olives with olive oil imported from Spain. Even though I am not a big fan of olive, but I can totally see myself finishing the whole plate the spread because it's absolutely delectable.

I couldn't actually tell what is this mini appetizer is, to be honest. It has a very subtle flavor with a sweet and savory topping. But, I am more than sure that it's made out of carrots as the aftertaste came later and lingers in my mouth.

To start things off, we each have a starter each then followed by our mains.

We started off with grilled Hokkaido scallops with creamy spinach sauce and baked cheese. I have had scallops many times but, the scallops served here has totally changed my perception of the scallops I had before. It is so good that it has now been my standard and a benchmark that how a scallop should be.

I assumed these scallops are grilled with shell first then it's paired with the creamy spinach sauce and a mixture of cheese on top. It is then baked at a precise temperature in the oven so that it's not over-cooked and it retains its original juices, tender and soft texture. I am not surprised that scallops are sometimes overcooked because it's very hard to tell whether it's cooked through all the way by its appearance.

But the chef at this restaurant does an amazing job. Not only it's succulent, but the flavor is just phenomenal. It is so well-paired and it's perfectly satiated to one's palate. The crispy grilled cheese gives the scallop an Umami flavor. All I could say that I couldn't stop eating and it disappeared with no time.

As crazy as it sounds, I might just have to say that I like this foie gras. I am not a big fan of foie gras as it could be over-buttery and rich. But, this foie gras was served perfectly with the chef's creative combination and not to mention that it's aesthetically beautiful.

The rich creaminess of the foie gras is balanced out by the sweet cranberry jam. This adds a whole new dimension to the boring savory foie gras that you used to have. Since it's so creamy, we actually spread the foie gras on the bread and used it as a spread like a butter. It's smooth, sweet, savory, rich and creamy at the same time.

As for my main, I've chosen a seafood because I was literally facing an incredible sea view. So, in order to fit into the sea theme, I decided on a salmon wellington with a buttery savory sauce. The salmon is juicy and tender and the pastry is crumbly and buttery. While the spinach is garlicky, creamy, savory and it's a little bit sour from the lemon juice. To top things off, it's perfect to be paired with a glass of wine.

Followed by the next main we had was a rib-eye. It was a medium-rare steak served with a red wine sauce on the side. The steak was extremely tender and it literally just melts in your mouth. With the simple salt and pepper seasoning is sufficient to bring out the natural beef and sweet flavor from the meat. Every bite is like chewing on a sponge where all the juices and flavor explode in your mouth. Also, I have to say that the portion is extremely generous! It's so huge that it's almost like a two-person portion.

Although the meal is not cheap, however, it definitely worth the price that we paid. It's reasonable for the quality, quantities and also the beautiful view of the sea.

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