I am pretty sure there are times when you have the strong urge to pack your bag and leave the house for a vacation but your balance in your bank account is tight. Well, thanks to the foreign currency exchange, traveling to Asia is the best travel option to stay in your budget and having a blast at the same time. The amazing and unique culture will definitely leave you an unforgettable memory from your long vacation here in Asia.

Here are some of the destination that I've compiled that is not going to burn a hole in your wallet.

1. Vietnam

This country is the paradise for all kinds of travelers regardless of your age, races, religion, rich or poor. Vietnam is the country that always had your back. No wonder it has been the top backpackers destination in two consecutive years. As a traveler who loves food and exotic lifestyle, Vietnam will definitely calls you back.

In Vietnam, 24 hours in a day doesn't seems to be quite sufficient as the buzzing street never seems to slow down. As you walk on the street, the endless spurring sound from the vehicles and the busy street vendors never seems to leave out of your sight. The vibrant city life and the wide variety of delicious street eat in Vietnam is what makes traveler coming back here all the time. Honestly, slurping on a good bowl of Pho on the little plastic chair and with an ice-cold Saigon beer is as good as a fancy restaurant meal that you can get with just a few penny.

Food aside, Vietnam is one of the gem in Asia. The lush greenery landscape and the pristine crystal clear beaches is another reason why this country is the favorite for everybody. The best part, it's affordable and you'll never overpaid for any accommodation or activities that you can do in Vietnam. Unlike any other touristy island like Boracay or Krabi, Vietnam has more to offer and you'll get the chance to immerse yourself by the beach without the vexatious vendors touting for massages or bracelet for sale.

2. Malaysia

I am more than sure you have a Malaysian friend who is extremely proud and love their food more than anything else. Malaysia is renowned for their diverse culture and relatively causes a great impact towards their food, architectures and the way they interact. Besides, the lively city like in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has way more to offer without causing a dent to your wallet.

Besides the crave for the local fiery Satay skewers that is savory, sweet and smoky at the local hawker stalls, this country shows different side of eateries. From the buzzing hawker stalls to dining by the rice paddy, you name it you'll get it. If you're a food lover you'll never want to leave this country without filling up your tummy with the gastronomic flavors without breaking your bank.

Alternatively, ditch the busy city to the renowned island or the Borneo for a different kind of travel. You'll definitely find yourself deeply in love at the first sight. You wouldn't believe me a plate of chicken rice cost less than a dollar! No wonder, the locals and even the tourist adore this country so much.

3. Thailand

Everyone knows that Thailand is all about its adventurous and exoticism. Regardless of food, activities or the landscape, everything in Thailand is unique in its own way. If you ever had a friend who travel on budget, Thailand is always on top of their recommendation list. I bow to agree that Thailand is one of the cheapest country to travel. It's believable that you can survive in Thailand without starving as low as 20 dollars a day.

You hear me right! 20 dollars in a day is totally possible!!

Honestly, this is one of my favourite country to visit because everything is just so cheap! If you're ever a seafood fanatic, this is the country where you should go. You wouldn't have guessed that Thailand is one the largest seafood producer, so it's not a surprised that you'll find most of the fresh seafood here at a way cheaper price that you'll get anywhere else in the world.

From fancy sky bars to night market eateries, Thailand is the perfect country that both food lovers and shoppers would love. If you love shopping, never miss visiting Bangkok for some of the cheapest clothing that you wouldn't believe it actually exist.

Feast yourself with some freshly grilled shrimps and 'Pla Poo' Thai grilled fish with salted crust or some exotic blood cockles by the road side. Thailand is the best country to travel that crosses way beyond your imagination.

Since it's a backpacker friendly country to visit, you'll find many cheap boutique hotels and hostel available throughout the country. Even if you're at a touristy island, accommodation is the less concern you need to pay attention to here in Thailand.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is well-known for its mysterious and largest religious temple 'Angkor Wat' in the world. With just the temple alone, it has attracted more than a million visitors within a year. Not just for the temple, Cambodia has been one of many traveler's choice because of its cheap prices for food and accommodation. Here in Cambodia, you can rent a whole Bungalow for just 50 USD per night! Sounds unbelievable? You might want to think check it our at Airbnb or booking.com to see it to believe it.

While you're strolling in a city in Cambodia, you'll find affordable restaurants or bars that serves decent food and drinks at a perfect price point. Phnom Penh is one of the cheapest capital city in all of Asia next to Luang Prabang in Laos. The city is vibrant but it's laid back at the same time due to the decaying walls and architectures that are revealing the foundation of the buildings.

It offers a different city vibe comparing to the others famous cities like Singapore, Macau or Seoul. It rather has a perfect retro vibe going on around the corner, at times, it makes you kinda feel like you're back in those olden days. So, ditch the glittering and shiny architecture for something more authentic for your next travel.

5. Indonesia

Like any other cheap countries I've listed, Indonesia definitely fall into the budget country to travel. Cities like Jakarta even Bali island is the ideal travel destination for traveler to hop on the plane for a relax vacation. Forget about your work and leave all your worries behind, Indonesia will accomplish all your relaxing travel wishes.

Craving the days where you're surrounded by the natural rainforest or to bury your little feet into the powdery white sand beaches? Islands like Bali and Lombok at Indonesia is where you rather be.

Did you know that Indonesia is the second country that has most islands in the world? Comprising of the beautiful beaches island to volcanic island, Indonesia is full of thrills that is awaiting you to explore and unravel. Although the capital city is no different to any other busy cities like in New York city with skyscrapers, but you'll get to live like a King with all the USD against rupiah.

From there, you might want to look into Padang city in Indonesia for one of the cheapest and most delicious authentic padang rice, Bandung to shop til you drop, Kuta to party all night and Yogyakarta to cleanse your spirit. Either of the cities in Indonesia is filled with its own distinctive characteristic that you'll be more than satisfied with anywhere you travel in Indonesia.


In a nutshell, these cities are definitely some of the best suggestion to help you kick-start your travel journey. If you ever want to travel and never want to break the bank for that, try starting out with the cheapest country and slowly work your way up to a more expensive country when your budget is less tight. Also, it would be amazing if you guys could let me know any other country which is worth to travel cheap in Asia.

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