I am sure not many people out there enjoy long hours of flight. Having your legs cramped up and feeling restless to be in the stuffy aircraft cabin with hundreds of people. As much as I love flying, having a bird's eye view over the marshmallow clouds in the blue sky, of course, I do wish the journey to be as pleasant as possible.

The last summer where I flew a long 17 hours from Malaysia to Europe had me to learn that having a comfortable long-hours flight is not as hard as it seems. With little tips and tricks, your flight could more comfortable than you expected.

Here are some of the tricks to help me out from the awful long-hours flight:

1. Comfortable Attire Is The Key Factor

Starting from the crucial factor, a comfortable attire is the best investment that you ever need to make your flight comfortable effortlessly. I always question myself, how can I really be comfortable with the tiny seat on economy class? Then it struck my mind that, I could be comfortable sitting on a chair with just with my oversized shirt and pants, so why can't I do the same too on the plane?

Knowing that you'll be seated with blasting air-condition, you can get chilly quickly. To tackle a situation like this, you need to know your airline well, whether they provide any blankets or covers to warm you up. If not, bring a scarf, jacket, and socks too adjust the temperature as you fly. Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible, because long-flight like this is not going to get you anywhere if you're not in perfect condition.

2. Move Around

This a point that is related to the next point. Having an aisle seat is easier for you to move around for better blood circulation. Having to stuck in a plane for 12-hours without moving is like you being in a cage without having the freedom to get your feet to move around and it's totally a torture. Moving around the plane even though you're just standing up at the aisle for a stretch over your arms and legs is an enjoyment that you can possibly get in a plane. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so keep your feet moving.

3. Choose a Good Seat

As typical can this factor be, it is undeniable that a good seat on the plane is paramount to help you survive over long hours of flight. So how is it to be considered as a good seat?

Regardless of your end destination, believe me, the best seat you need is an aisle seat. Although it's arguable that window seat provides a better view and you can lay sideways to catch a better sleep. However, with a long flight like from one -pole to another is unavoidable that you need sometimes to get your feet moving around the plane or to refresh yourself in the airplane bathroom. No matter how much you don't like sitting next to the walkways, you'll realize that it has more benefits than harm. To top things off, you're more accessible to the cabin space, just in case you needed something from your baggage. You can easily access without climbing over someone with an awkward smile.

Also, take note that you should avoid the front seat when you're choosing a seat. Normally, it's reserved for a family with children or for special care seat. However, if you want a more leg room seat, you should probably go for the seat at the emergency exit rows.

4. Keep Yourself Entertained

If you're one of those who gets bored easily, you should probably pack on some of the go-to gadgets that you need to keep you entertained throughout the flight. Not all the plane provides an in-flight entertainment and even though there is, it's not necessary to be your kind entertainment.

Bring along your favorite book and set up a perfect traveling music playlist on your mobile or iPod to get you going on the flight. To avoid the constant flight announcement or the miserable babies cry on board, gear up with your headphone that cancels all the noises. You'll feel more relaxed and calm during the flight rather than feeling cranky afterward.

5. Choose The Correct Meal

Have you ever had those time where your tummy is cramped up and throwing up the biggest party that you ever had after you had a spicy Korean rice bowl? If you haven't, this is one of the things that you should avoid eating if you're having a special meeting and especially on board. After all, you didn't want to end with a dyspepsia, queuing over a toilet that never seems to be available.

In order to have a good flight, you need to choose your food wisely, try to avoid spicy, oily and over-fibrous meal if it's possible. Even though the food your neighbor is having smells and looks tempting to you. It's better if you're stuck with a milder version of food like a stew or a sandwich over an overly flavor-packed meal that you're probably going to regret later. Just comfort yourself, you'll have a great lunch or dinner the next day after you arrived safely at your destination. I am pretty sure you can thank me later for this tip. :)

6. Health is Priority

The air in the plane is dry with the constant blasting of air-conditioning. At times, you'll feel like your throat got clog up, slowly you'll start to cough and even have difficulty in breathing due to the dry air. Then it is time for you to drink up and get hydrated. Always remember to drink plenty of water regularly and not the booze.

7. Sleeping

Sleeping is the best medicine. Time flies when you're sleeping, it's just like like those time where you thought you're just dozed off for a few hours but the sky already turns dark when you got up. The same theory apply here when you're in a long-hour of flight. Sleeping makes everything pass by quicker, but of course, a good sleep is better than anything. So, pack up your sleeping essentials like a sleeping eye-mask and a travel pillow to prepare you for a better sleep during the long hours' flight. This way, you can escape from a neckache and also feel rejuvenated when you arrived at your destination.

8. Start A Conversation

Traveling is always better with a companion, but for sure if you have to travel alone, try to make some friends. Try starting a conversation with the one sitting next to you or someone you bump up while you're queuing for a toilet break. Start by asking him or her where is she heading or what's the purpose of the flight, who knows a small topic like this will help you end up with a friend for life. Also, your flight wouldn't be that boring by just staring at the monitor for 10-12 hours.

As a conclusion, a long flight could be really unbearable sometimes. However, with all the proper preparations made, you'll be surprised that the flight is not as suffering as anyone says. Try it out and let me know what you think :)

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